How to Make Anal sex Pleasurable


A woman's first anal experience hurts like hell most of the time. The young escorts say that most men are only interested in their own sexual pleasure and not that of the escort. So if you are getting young escorts that are curious about anal sex, then here are a few things that you should know to make anal pleasure good for her and you.

It's not all about penetration - Sex is not all about penetration and anal sex is no different. Just as you can stimulate them with clit action or by using your fingers, with anal sex you can do the same. If the young escorts don't want you to lick them then don't pressure them. Why not try using your hands on her anus to get her prepared.

No need for pain - You don't want your young escort to have a painful experience, you need to take your time. By forcing your penis into her anus, it is a sure fire way of turning the young escorts off anal sex for good. The skin around the anus is also very tender which means that it can tear easily. Instead, ask her how she's feeling along the way and take your time. You don't have anywhere to go do you?

Understand how the anal muscles work - The muscles in the anus work together to let things out not encourage things to enter. If these muscles are damaged or if you force them without easing into anal sex then haemorrhoids can occur. So as I stated before, timing is everything, this is not a race. Both parties should be the winners in this one.

Don't play with her anus alone - Just because your aim may be to have anal sex with her, it does not mean that you give her anus all of the attention. Whisper into the young escorts ear about what you are going to do and reassure her that it's all about her and you have all the time in the world. As you reassure her, she'll feel more relaxed and willing to go through with the anal sex.

Use enemas- All those porn stars that you see taking anal ensure that they cleanse before doing anal. This ensures that mess is kept to a minimum which means less embarrassment and more fun for everyone involved. Let the young escorts use the enema right before she comes over to your place. It is also best that she eats a slight snack as opposed to a big meal before anal sex since this may make her feel tummy feel upset.

Check personal hygiene - With all the licking and poking going on, why not take a bath together just to make sure that everyone is squeaky clean before the big encounter? This is a lot better than asking her outright what time she took a bath or even finding out for yourself that she's not as clean as you thought.

So anal sex is not only about penetration, and don't only play with her anus for the entire session. Make it pleasurable for the young escorts and they'll be coming back for more!