Save it with Webcam Sex


Webcam sex is a great way to indulge in some naughty time with your partner if you are separated by distance. Whether you live in different homes and are just looking to spice up your solo sessions together, or a business opportunity requires frequent travelling or even a move to a different city, having sex via cam can make that relationship so much more successful, and enjoyable!

Seductively removing your clothing for your partner in front of your webcam can feel anything but natural and sexy. However, thanks to advanced technology, having sex via webcam is said to be the new way to have some bedroom fun, and as mentioned, can save that long distance relationship. So drop that feeling of intimidation and vulnerability because this is one trend you will definitely want to jump on!

Before you accept that video call ringing in through your computer, make sure that you are prepared. Have a plan and routine in mind as well as props that you would like to incorporate to make your striptease sexy and your video sex comfortable. Of course there will be some improvising, so feel free to let your chat take you into wild and unimaginable places that you didn't even know existed!

Props can be fun to flirt and tease with over webcam. Use things such as household items and furniture to build anticipation and excitement and it will definitely make you look confident and like a pro! Straddle a chair or kneel on your bed, but one thing you must do before turning that camera on is to check the angles for yourself, by yourself first.

With that said, when you are having video sex with your partner, make sure you have a view of how your partner is seeing you. In other words, make sure you can see yourself, as well as your partner. This will provide you with the confidence you need as you will be able to see what they are seeing and how sexy you are looking!

It may be difficult to remain serious and not burst out into giggles, but try your best. Keep that sexy, striptease idea in mind and pretend that your partner is right in front of you physically, rather than via cam. Bursting into laughter can kill the mood in an instant.

Feel free to add breaks into your sexy webcam session. When you take off your shirt, throw it over the cam for a few moments to tease your partner and keep them guessing. This will help build anticipation and excitement for what is to come (off) next.

Just remember to have fun and be yourself. Never try to re-enact something you saw on TV if it isn't your style. Do what is within your comfort levels and keep that sexy frame of mind and you and your partner will definitely enjoy your webcam show.