Secrets to having a great sex life


There are many benefits to having great sex with the escorts in London, with confidence being on the top of the list and of course, being in a better mood than men who don't get sex regularly. Ok, so let's get started on sharing with you the secrets of having a great sex life.

  • Use your senses - Your senses play quite a significant role in sex. From the way that the blonde escorts smell to the type of sheets that are on the bed, this can all enhance your sexual stimulation. So to make sex a bit more interesting, try removing one of your senses or the senses of the escorts in London temporarily. The best sense to remove temporarily would be sight. Not being able to see what is happening next heightens excitement which of course takes sex to a whole new level.
  • Tell her exactly what you want her to do - Some men don't like to talk in the bedroom whilst others can talk a bit too much! Escorts in London enjoy it when men dictate the pace in the bedroom. If you are very passive, then this can be a great way to help build you confidence around other by demanding what you would like her to do to you. There may be words that are offensive to the escorts in London, so find out what the limits are before you start talking dirty.
  • Use body oils - As I said before, when your senses get heightened during sex you will without a doubt, have greater sex. By using lightly scented body oils together with massage, you can raise your senses as well as those of the escorts in London by using the two things together. You can give the escorts in London a full body massage which will definitely send your senses as well as hers, through the roof. To keep things hot in the bedroom, don't touch the good parts just yet. Keep her waiting for as long as you possibly can.
  • Role play - As a boy you may have run from your little sister when she asked you to play dressing up. Little did you know that as an adult it would follow you into the bedroom. Escorts in London enjoy role play because it allows them to dress in a way that they usually would not. You can choose to be a Frenchman with a sexy accent or a fireman who saves a helpless damsel from a burning building. Whatever you decide, make sure it's someone you can relate to which keeps it believable.
  • Be ready to try new things - Keeping an open mind in the bedroom helps you to explore the great possibilities. Not everyone likes to step out of their comfort zone and because of that they tend to live mediocre lives. Persons, such as the escorts in London have great sex lives because they enjoy trying new things, so what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being laughed at by the escorts in London or are you afraid that you would like it so much that it you would become addicted? Push the fears aside and get into the habit of creating new sexual experiences.
Secrets to having a great sex life determine how far you are willing to go to get what you want. With the escorts in London the possibilities are endless, so take full advantage of it.