The 25 Year Old Virgin

Twenty five and a virgin was not working for me. I had been to the almost there but realizing that it wouldn’t work out. I am very traditional but my hormones were getting the better of me. I needed a release and I needed it soon. I figured that I would hire a female escort because I figure she would understand what I was going through and give me a great first time experience.

I made the call but after my stomach was in knots. What had I done? Was this really going to happen? I didn’t want anyone to just barge in at my home so I decided to take my little rendezvous to a hotel. I paced across the floor of the room trying to get myself together. Hell yes I was anxious. I didn’t know what to expect.

I heard a knock on the door and I felt my heart skip a beat. I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard the knock again and croakily I answered, “Coming.”

I walked to the door and opened it. One the other side of the door was one of the female escorts that I had flipped through earlier. She was average height, with long flowing hair. She had wide hips and c cup breasts.

I cleared my throat, “Hi come on in.” I moved aside and allowed her to come into the room.

She sat on the bed and watched me intentionally. I was a bit nervous and I’m sure she could tell.

“Hi I’m Monica. Why are you so nervous? I’m not going to you unless you want me to,” she smiled.

I sighed, “I’m just a little scared.”

She patted the space next to her so I sat. She took my hand, “You’ll be ok. We are going to have a great time. May I suggest that you order some wine to loosen up a bit.”

I ordered some room service which included a bottle of wine and a bottle of juice since she doesn’t drink on the job. We sat and chatted about things as we waited for the room service. I was happy when it finally arrived. After about two glasses of wine I felt myself loosen. I went to put the bottle of wine on the dresser with the glass and as I passed back by the bed Monica grabbed me and pulled me onto her lap.

She caressed my arms and stroked my face. She pulled my face close to hers and she kissed me. I took deep breath in an kissed her back, allowing her to set the pace. She caressed my breasts. I could feel between my legs tingling and my anxiety was almost nil. I reached for my t-shirt and quickly pulled it over my head. I held my breath as she took in breasts that were in a black lacy bra.

“Good God, you’re gorgeous,” she said as she traced the tips of her fingers lightly over my breasts. Her hands moved to the back of my bra and quickly unsnapped it. She put her lips to my nipples and sucked them while her hands roamed the rest of my body.

“Lay on the bed.” I watched Monica was I lay on the bed. She took out a large dildo from her bag. She undressed quickly and strapped it on. I was a bit fearful of the size of the cock I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take it all in.

Monica came on the bed and she quickly removed my skirt and matching black panties. She traced my pussy and I could feel my pussy dripping. She parted my legs and bent my knees. I held my breath as her tongue explored my pussy. She passed it up and down using just the tips tantalizing the rest of my body. I massaged her head gently moaning loudly every time her tongue passed on my clit. Her head moved from between my legs and she left a trail of kisses from my pussy to my breasts where they now because her victims.

She made her way to my ear, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

She lifted herself up and she knelt before my pussy. She lifted my legs and bent my knees, “hold your knees.” I did as I was told. She rubbed the dildo along the slit of my pussy before slowly sliding it in. I had heard stories about how painful it was to lose your virginity but there was nothing painful about this. She took her time and walked me through it until surprisingly the entire dildo was inside my soaked pussy.

“Ohhhh God,” I whimpered. I felt so full. Monica held my knees as she fucked me slowly with the dildo. It wasn’t long before we got into a rhythm. She rubbed my clit as she fucked me and I could feel myself going over the edge.

“I want to cum,” I said almost inaudibly.

“No not yet,” she said.

I wiggled under her as she increased pressure on my clit and her speed quickened.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. I need to cum!!!!” She removed the dildo but she keep her hand on my clit as I gushed all over her and the bed. The bed was totally drenched by the time the last ounce of my pleasure had been emptied.

I didn’t even have time to catch my breath when Monica turned me over and I was on all fours being fucked senseless from the back. She held on to my waist and slammed the dildo into my pussy. Orgasm after orgasm Monica caused. By the time our sexcapade was over. I was exhausted.

I lay on my back breathing heavily while Monica caressed my body.

“You did good. Maybe the next time I can fuck you in your ass.”

Feeling adventurous I opened my eyes looked her directly in the face and said, “Why wait till next time? There is no time like the present.”