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My Favourite Escort19 Feb 2018

My Favourite Escort

This was my first time.

Best Carnal Escort Sex12 Feb 2018

She climbed onto my lap moving her petit waist rubbing her ass on my semi erect cock.

An Interview with Henry05 Feb 2018

I love my wife I really do.

My Pretend Girlfriend Jess the Escort29 Jan 2018

Dinner at my family’s house turned out better than expected Jessica aka my escort for the night aka my girlfriend, did a great job at winning over my family.

My First Taste of a Lesbian Escort22 Jan 2018

I had always been shy.

Escorts are for Women Too15 Jan 2018

Escorts are for Women Too

Many people think that escorts are only for men but that’s not the case.

A Duo Encounter with Tracy08 Jan 2018

As usual we arrive on time.

The 25 Year Old Virgin01 Jan 2018

The 25 Year Old Virgin

Twenty five and a virgin was not working for me.

An Escort for a Lady25 Dec 2017

An Escort for a Lady

I walked through the rain so no one would see my tears.

A Passionate Threesome18 Dec 2017

A Passionate Threesome

As I stepped into the restaurant I gave them the names of the persons I was to meet.

A Latina Escort with a Difference11 Dec 2017

A Latina Escort with a Difference

The company that I work for usually sends me on business trips every three to four months.

Mile High Stag Party04 Dec 2017

I look through the window and I see the island that we just left.

Damian the Passionate Lover27 Nov 2017

Damian the Passionate Lover

I looked out the balcony.

The Divorce Party20 Nov 2017

The Divorce Party

Lance Cooper had just gotten a divorce and his friends were throwing him a divorce party.

Impress Your Friends with a Diamond Escort13 Nov 2017

It was Friday night and Jake’ party was going to be big.