A Couple of Cheap Escorts in Reading

The faint sound of buzzing filled Stephanie’s ears. She swatted near her head, eyes still closed. She didn’t want to wake from the wonderful dream she was just having with a man named Alejandro.

“Steph, your phone,” she heard distantly and she forced her eyes open.

Across the room sat Emily, her long-time friend and escort partner. They often worked together, sharing clients, but hey had been friends since childhood. Emily had seen every part of her, both physical and mental, and had accepted her. Jut as she had done for Emily.

Emily’s wavy black hair had been tied into a loose bun and she had on her Batman pajamas. She often called them her “comfy clothes.” Steph smiled, her full lips parting to flash perfect white enamel. The buzzing intensified and she sobered. Flicking open her phone, she rubbed her eyes.

“Hello,” she rasped, her voice deeper from sleep.

“Hey Stephanie,” she heard Maxwell begin and she inwardly groaned. “I know you just got to Reading escorts but you’ll have to wait for sightseeing.”

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and cast a glance to Emily, who was listening in to their conversation. The woman began peeling out of her clothes, unabashed by her nudity, and stalked to the hotel room’s closet. Stephanie heard the scraping of clothes hangers over metal and knew she was choosing the perfect outfit.

“Text me the info,” she responded and mashed the red button to end the call.

She rose off the bed and had just taken off her nightgown when she heard Emily’s “Aha!”

Emily bounced into the room clutching two hangers. On one hanger there was a beautiful slinky red dress with gold trim. On the other was a royal blue cocktail dress. She eyed both garments and nodded to the blue one.

Emily grinned and thrust the hanger forward. While Emily put on her red dress, Stephanie slid into the soft fabric. It fit her like a glove and she nearly sighed at the feel of it against her supple skin. She strapped on silver heels, tying the thin straps above her ankles.

A small ding sounded from her phone and she looked at the screen.

You & Em

23873 Herring Road #3D

Two oranges, potential strawberry

She nearly laughed at her employer. He was the paranoid type and he always used fruit in place of gender. Any citrus always meant men. Sweeter fruit, like apples or strawberries were women. She called out the address to Emily. That woman was a walking road map and remembered numbers as easily as she knew where a woman’s G-spot was.

“How many?” she called from the kitchenette and Stephanie heard the miniature fridge open and close.

“Two oranges with a potential strawberry.”

Emily rounded the corner and grinned. Emily often preferred women over men and most of the time women requested her by name.

“Cool!” she exclaimed and tossed her a Ginger Ale.

Popping the top of the can, she drank half while Stephanie studied her. While she was busty, curved and tall, Emily was more petite. Her breasts were smaller but perkier than Stephanie’s and her ass was rounder, more pronounced.

They left and Emily guided them expertly to the meetup location. It turned out to be a hotel in the downtown district of Reading, near Granary Square. Being a major rail hub in London, the bustling streets and numerous inns and hotels made for an everchanging environment.

Landscaped walkways and quaint restaurants lined the cobbled road. The night air was cool and she was suddenly glad that she remembered a light shawl. Emily, however, had chosen to choose style over comfort and was paying for it now. Gooseflesh lined her bare arms and she rubbed them as we entered the elevator. Stephanie chose the third floor and then, they waited.

Emily broke the silence by saying, “I wonder what they’re going to be into.”

Stephanie smirked. “You don’t wonder what they’ll look like instead?”

“I could care less really. But it matters if they’re into weird stuff,” she said with dainty shrug.

Stephanie shook her head and said, “Nah, Max would have said something if it wasn’t the norm.”

Maxwell may be a certified dick in general, but he was attentively professional and had always been as far as Stephanie knew. With a ding, the elevator doors slid open and they briskly walked down the dimly lit hall.

They reached a red door with a bronze number three centered in the middle. Emily grinned at her and knocked softly. A man answered the door, pushing it open wide, and they entered the room. The moment the door closed, the man’s lips were on Stephanie’s neck, his hands sliding up her toned body before he grabbed her breasts. The faint scent of alcohol wafted to her and she smiled, rolling her head back. Men who were intoxicated rarely lasted long. Emily was already on the bed, another man peeling off her dress but the heels were untouched.

She turned and kissed the man. She didn’t see exactly what he looked like due to the scarce lighting but he tasted of coconut and she suspected he had been drinking coconut rum. His tongue swirled with hers and she dropped his hand to his already-erect shaft.

He hissed through clenched teeth and rolled his hips, pressing the velvet hardness more into her palm. She lowered herself to her knees and licked her lips. Looking up at him, as she found most men were turned on by, she took his slitted head into her mouth.

He gripped her hair and thrust into her mouth, groaning deeply in his throat. Distantly, she heard the wet sounds of flesh striking flesh and Emily moaning behind her on the bed. She flicked her tongue around his throbbing shaft and sucked while she cradled his sac in her manicured hand. She took him in deeper, the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat. Luckily, it had been long ago since her gag reflex had kicked in.

“Fuck,” he groaned and pulled her up and turned her around.

Her knees touched the end of the Queen sized mattress. She bent over and she felt him sliding her dress up with jerky movements. She heard the tear of fabric and she bit her bottom lip to stop herself from cursing. She had really liked those thongs.

She felt his soft tip slip between her slick folds and she stretched as he entered her. His nails bit into her hips and he pulled out before slamming back into her.

“Jen, get over here!” the man behind Stephanie barked, his lust deepening his voice.

A woman came into Stephanie’s eyesight as she crawled onto the bed. The woman had long blonde hair that fell around her shoulders and her bare breasts swung as she crawled. Hello Strawberry, Stephanie thought with a smile.

The woman laid back onto the mattress and her sex was mere inches from Stephanie’s face, glistening with her arousal. While Stephanie wasn’t as skilled with women as Emily, she was a professional and she knew how to make anyone orgasm. She kissed a trail up the woman’s inner thighs. Slowly, teasingly, she spread the woman’s folds, her thumb gently rubbing her clit. The woman moaned and her head fell back, her long hair fanning on the crisp white pillow.

The man behind her continued thrusting and each thrust put more pressure on the woman’s sex. Stephanie delved her tongue into her pussy and lapped at her juices, swallowing her sweet nectar like milk. The woman groaned and her legs shook. The Strawberry’s hands fisted the sheets as her legs writhed. The man behind her pulled out and rubbed his tip over her core before slamming back into her.

She swirled her tongue over the woman’s bead and the woman’s hand found her head, holding her there. She rolled her hips against Stephanie’s face and she cried out, in unison with the man behind her. He cursed harshly and pulled out and she felt his hot seed splash onto her back and ass cheeks.

The woman wrapped her legs around Steph’s head as she rode out her orgasm, bucking and trembling. She eased her down with soft, smooth flicks of her tongue until the woman’s legs fell away and she lay there shaking and panting.

The man handed her a towel and, uttering an appreciative smile, she wiped herself off. Looking over, she saw Emily doing the same.

“Uh, we’ve already paid Max,” the guy said awkwardly and Steph smiled knowingly. This was the man’s first time hiring an amazing busty escorts.

She planted a kiss on his cheek, thanking him for his business, and with a wink she scooped up her things and pulled her dress back down. Emily was already at the door when she reached it and together, they walked into the cool night and back to their hotel room. Yes, it had been a very good night indeed.