Our Booking Service is simple and straight forward and you are under no obligation.

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Just call: 07387 893961, 07387 893962 or 07387 893963
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If you prefer you can book online; just complete the form below. Once we receive your booking one of our friendly assistants will call you on the number that you provided and guide you through the booking process.

Shortly after clicking the Send button, we will call you to confirm the details of your booking. When we do, if you have changed your mind about any aspects of your date, you only need to inform us of your wishes and we will do everything we can to follow them. Once you confirm a booking, your escort will usually arrive within 45 minutes. You will be quoted a fee on the phone by our staff and this is the total you pay.

There are absolutely no hidden costs.

Remember, you will still be under no obligation to go ahead with the date. Whatever you decide, the choice is always yours!

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