Raunchy Stratford Escort - Part 2

I fumbled around for a few seconds until I finally found the bra hooks, but unclasping them took just as much time as locating them, probably even longer. Natasha broke out of the kiss and leaned her forehead against mine so our noses were touching. She closed her eyes, and it took a few minutes for my eyes to close as well, making us even. Her breath was hot and heavy, and somehow it made me even more nervous. Maybe it was the fact that her heart was beating just as fast as mine.

“First time?” she asked in a breathy voice.

“Yeah,” I said my voice the breathier of the two.

“First time with an escort?” she asked. “Or first time with a woman?”

“Both,” I said.

“You’ve never had sex before?” she asked.

My eyes popped open, but hers remained closed. I could have sworn I’d read a new emotion in her voice.

“I’m a virgin,” I said, watching her for a reaction.

She pulled away from me and her eyes opened simultaneously. “Then I’m afraid I cannot push through with this.”

Disbelieving my ears, I let my mouth fall open. “What—what are you saying?”

“What I’m saying, Anthony Dawson, is exactly what you heard.” She picked up her blouse and bra and quickly clothed herself, then she strode over to the bed, where she sat watching me with her legs crossed. “First time sex should be special for everyone, only done with a real girl so the moment can be as natural as it should be.”

“But you are a real girl,” I said, hoping she changed her mind.

“By that I mean a girl in your life,” she clarified. “Not some commercial sex worker. I wouldn’t want you living a life of regrets afterwards. I really hope you understand my point.”

I nodded, even though I felt utterly disappointed. Who wouldn’t? I’d come here hoping to have some quality time with one of Stratford’s most raunchy escorts. Being turned down, no matter how polite she sounded, was anything but pleasant.

“I really am sorry I had to turn you down,” she said. “To make it all up to you…”

She stood from the bed and took long strides to the table where I’d placed the envelope. Was she going to hand it all over? Nah, I didn’t think anyone would. We’d already spent half the time together. So that wasn’t possible was it?

But it totally was. Her next words proved just that.

“Here’s a refund.” She presented the envelope to me.

Unbelievable! That was the only word on my mind as I stared at the document.

She cut me off with a charming smile. “—is nothing I can’t handle.”

“No,” I said, resistant to take back the money.

Still smiling, she edged closer to me and slid the envelope back into the pocket I’d produced it from. I could tell she was trying hard not to graze my cock as it leaned toward her, yet her touch aroused me all over again. I held my breath until she pulled away from me. She crouched to pick up my shirt, and when she got back up, she moved behind me to help me into the shirt.

“Whenever you do get intimate with a woman you’re naturally drawn to, you can always book another session with me.” She was in front of me now, buttoning my sleeves. “On your next visit we can skip the appetizer and just get down to the main course if that’s what you want.”


Her cheeks turned a bright red. “By that I mean the pre-sex conversation.”

“And by ‘main course’ you mean sex?”


“I’ll be back for this, Natasha,” I said. “Sooner than you think.”

I’d been close. So close. It was hard to believe I’d been so close to my ultimate fantasy, yet I’d let it slip. Fuck! How could I have been so stupid, blurting out the fact that she was my first? Then again, how was I to know she’d react that way to my virginity? This was one messed up shit I’d never wanted to get caught up in. I’d had high hopes of losing my virginity yesterday, so it was only natural that I felt utterly disappointed.’

She had a point though, and I couldn’t deny it. Losing my virginity to a ‘real girl’ would be more memorable, more natural than losing it to a commercial sex worker. But walking up to a real girl and asking for sex wasn’t so easy; not when I was socially awkward.

Truth be told, there was a girl—Stacy Adams—and I’d always dreamed of making love to her. We were both freshers at the Stratford University, and although we often sat close to each other, we’d never conversed past awkward hellos and goodbyes. She knew where I lived though, and she had my number. You’d think those were enough to nudge us toward the first stage of our friendship. But you’d be wrong to think that. Stacy was just as socially awkward as I was. Okay, maybe a bit better than I was, judging from the fact that she had two friends she always hanged around with.

My cock spasmed in my grip, bringing my attention to it. Even the thought of Stacy brought my cock to life. I’d had a hard-on for a couple of minutes, which was the most natural thing my cock could do—I’d been jerking off. And just when my cock was about to lose its rigidity, thoughts of Stacy had it springing back into focus.

I lay on my bed, my back flat against the mattress. I was stark naked, and as horny as I could ever be. I gripped my cock and started to move my hand up and down my shaft, gently stroking it.

My lips parted to let out a moan as I kept stroking. I went nice and slow, and then I let my eyelids fall over my eyes. Shutting out the scenery in my one bedroom apartment, I lost myself to thoughts of Stacy and how heavenly it would feel to have her fingers wrapped against my cock instead. She was a little bit on the geeky side, always hiding her beady eyes behind spectacles. I thought about how it would feel to splatter my cum all over her face, smearing it all over her glasses and momentarily blinding her.

My thoughts darted to Natasha as well. Damn, I’d die a happy man if I ever laid them both.

The sound of my door opening made me freeze. Shit! Had someone just come on or had I merely imagined the sound of the door? I slowly opened my eyes, afraid that I’d find an uninvited guest. And I did.

Stacy Adams.

She stood on the threshold, dressed in a pencil dress and a denim jacket. She was as cute as ever, her eyes round with surprise. A part of me wanted to turn away to the left, to duck off the bed, to cup my cock with my hands, or grab the sheets and wrap it around my waist. But her eyes were a magnet, pinning me to the bed. I felt crippled. Incapacitated. Powerless. Moving was beyond me. And in that moment, I forgot to breathe.

Her eyes stayed fixed on me, her gaze never wavering. The intense look in her eyes told me just why I had made no attempt to hide away—it told me I wanted her to see me, all of me. Nerviness sought to rear its head, but I shoved it off, wanting no part of it.

“Oh my God!” she finally found her voice. “I’m sorry I came in without knocking. I—you—well—Oh my God!”

I flashed her a cocky smile. “ Like what you see?”

She kept staring at my cock the whole time, and I stared right into her face. I could see the excitement flickering behind her astonishment.

“Do you?” I asked again.

She gulped. And then she nodded.

“Come say hi to him,” I said.

She gasped, her gaze bouncing right off my cock. “Do you want this?”

“Why don’t you come over here and find out?” I asked.

She stayed rooted to the threshold as though I hadn’t spoken at all. I watched her tensely, hoping she wouldn’t let me down. She returned her gaze to my cock, and then back up to my eyes. Finally deciding, she walked around the bed to where I lay, and then she perched on the bed. An involuntary shudder coursed through me as she swept her hair back and lowered her head to my cock. Her mouth wrapped around it, and for the first time in my life, I experienced the fantastical feeling of having a woman’s moist mouth enclose around my cock.

With the tip of my cock in her mouth, she looked up at me as though seeking permission. Yet, amidst her indecisiveness and uncertainty I could see a sparkle in her eyes—a sparkle that meant she wanted this just as much as I did. The grip of her lips on my cock was slack, but it only took a moment for her to fix it.