Raunchy Stratford Escort - Part 3

Spending my Wednesday evening with my favourite Stratford escort Stacy Adams made me unable to think of anything else. Well, anything other than driving my cock into Natasha’s waiting pussy. It had been three days since my encounter with Natasha, and yet the long wait was already driving me crazy. Thus, I’d decided to spend my Friday evening with her. I’d requested that she wore a sexy robe, with nothing but a sexy lingerie set beneath it. In my mind’s eye I could see her all dressed up for me. It was the only image in my head, making me quicken my pace as I strode toward her hotel room. It was the same room where we’d first met. I found this somewhat relaxing—a familiar face, a familiar room, a familiar bed. Surely, I wouldn’t be half as nervous as I’d been on our first encounter.

Halting at the door to her lounge, I rang the doorbell. As I waited for her to let me in, my heart started to flutter. At first I thought this was nerviness rearing its head once again, but I quickly realized the error in my reasoning. My heart was only fluttering so wildly because of a feverish excitement. Three days ago, when I’d told the escort I’d be back soon, I actually hadn’t thought it would be possible. But here I was now, ready for our session together. Sure, Stacy had been great, but there was something about the escort that had me coming back. Perhaps it was the thrill of being fucked by a woman who’d bedded so many men and knew how best to please each client.

Just as I made to ring the doorbell again, the door gave way. Natasha stood holding the doorknob with a wide grin on her face. She was just as excited to see me again as I was to see her again. Smiling back at her, I stepped into her lounge. Nothing had changed since our first encounter, except the fact that her pussy had seen many more cocks over the course of the last three days, and I—well, I’d been with a girl.

Natasha was wearing a sexy white robe, just as I’d requested. The robe, just like the flare skit she’d worn on Tuesday, was only long enough to cover her ass. Perfect, just the way I liked it.

“How did it go?” she asked, closing the door.

By that, I knew she was referring to the sex I’d had with a ‘real girl’.

I made no attempt to answer her question. Instead, I stepped in toward her and wrapped my right arm around her. I pulled her to myself and she gasped from the abruptness, as though she hadn’t seen it coming. But I knew she had. Definitely.

Regarding her question, I said, “How about we have the main course first and save the appetizer for later?”

Her chest heaved as she watched me speak.

“Your choice,” she said softly.

She licked her bottom lip, just as she’d done the other day, and as expected, my cock jumped with excitement. In keeping with being an experienced Stratford escort she really did know how to make a man fuck her earlier than he’d planned. Bold enough to take the first step, I slammed my lips into hers, roughly parting them as I kissed her hard. She kissed me back, just as hard as I kissed her. Our lips danced together in sync, making me wonder just how it would feel to have our naked bodies grinding together in unison.

While we kissed, we edged our way toward the bed. Maybe she was the one leading me in that direction, or maybe I was the one in control, I had no idea, and it didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered at that moment was that we were headed in the direction I wanted us in. I glued my lower body to hers, making her feel the hardness of my cock. She gasped as it poked her, and then a satisfactory smile ran over her lips, interrupting the kiss for a split second.

She latched onto my lips again, her hands exploring my whole body and hastily ridding me of my shirt. I reached for her robe belt, and then I tugged at it to untie it and let her robe fall open. Once the robe was agape, she shredded it off her body, leaving only a red lingerie set.

“God, Natasha!” I said. “You’re so beautiful.”

She smiled again. “I hear that a lot, handsome.”

Our lips interlocked again, our tongues slipping into the action to spice it all up. Once we reached the bed, I lowered her to it and then I backed away to take in the image of her. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. Her stomach kept rising and falling in harmony with her pacing heart, and so did her chest. Those mounds of flesh on her chest—damn it! I couldn’t wait to taste them, to taste all of her.

She lay there on her back, returning the favor as I checked her out. She wasn’t even the least embarrassed to have a stranger staring down at her with the dirtiest of thoughts. I found that confidence was a quality I admired in a woman. She was confident of her body, of her ability to please me, and somehow, I could feel her confidence seeping into me, making me just as certain about being a perfect match for her. She liked what she saw; I could see it in her eyes as she kept gawking at me. It didn’t matter that she’d been with different men. She still found me attractive and that was enough to spur me into action.

I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. With my eyes fixated on her panties, I slowly pulled my pants down my legs. Her panties were soaked between the legs, and her wet pussy was the culprit.

“You’re such a slut, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Come over here and find out just how much of a slut I am.” She cupped her breasts with both hands and squeezed them.

Trust Anthony Dawson to waste no time in doing that. Now totally naked, I crawled into bed with her. Our legs entwined together, and so did our lips. But this time, her lips weren’t the only part of her I wanted to explore, so I slipped my lips down her neck, planting kisses all over her skin, just the way I’d always dreamed of handling a woman. While I kissed her, I pinned her to the bed with my eyes, so she could only writhe and moan from the pleasure.

There was something about her voice. It was deep, guttural, reminiscent of an animal in heat. Damn it! Women are such heavenly creatures.

My lips trailed down her chest, slipping between her cleavage and licking her radiant skin. I grabbed her left breast and started to squeeze it through her bra, with tongue fucking her cleavage. She whimpered, and then she grabbed my head, holding me in place. I reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and when I threw her bra off the bed, she bit her lips, her face gleaming with a smile.

I kissed her nipples. Her left nipple was first, and then her right nipple. They were hard, eagerly awaiting my touch. I returned my lips to her left nipple, this time taking it in my mouth and tugging at it with my lips. She clutched my had as I pulled at her sensitive skin. I held on to it a second longer, then I moved over to her other nipple. I returned to her cleavage, and just as I stuck my face between her breasts, she grabbed herbreasts, arched her back and thrust her chest forward. Her breasts crushed my face in a way that could have been suffocating. But I found it utterly sexy.

While she still had her upper body in midair, my right hand traveled down the length of her torso, gently following the slopes and curves leading to her pussy. I trailed my fingers over the flimsy cotton of her pantie, and then I started to move them around in circles, smearing her juices all over. With my lips still locked around her breasts, I started to suck on it, hard and hungrily until her pleasure escalated so much that she cracked back into the bd with a shuddering cry.

Fuck! She was so wet. Wetter than I’d thought she would be. At this point, the only thing standing in the way of penetrative sex was her pantie. And fortunately, ripping it off was no trouble. I grabbed it with both hands and dragged it down her legs, and when they bunched around her kneels, she took it from there, moving her legs around until the little piece of clothing was completely off her legs. Now she was just as naked as I was, the sight of her sensuality holding the promise of an earth-shattering sex.

Holding my cock, I led it to the entrance of her slick pussy. She watched me hungrily, desperately, a sultry smile never fleeing her face as her chest kept heaving. It all felt to surreal. I couldn’t believe this was me, having such a world class beauty craving my cock.

As beautiful as my thoughts were, there were an unwelcome distraction, so I blocked them off and leaned forward so my cock pressed against her. My cock kissed her pussy lips hello, and then they started to split, slowly letting me in.

It felt so warm inside of her. Warm and cozy and really snug. This was where I needed to be. I pushed forward, letting her swallow me up inch my inch. She jerked her head to the side and gripped me hard, her face contorting with pleasure.

I lowered myself to her, pinning her with my weight. My hands found her hips and I gripped them hard to sturdy myself with them as I kept gliding toward full penetration.

She cried out. I paused, my eyes filled with worry.

“Did I--” I started, but she obviously knew my unasked question, so she cut me off.

“You’re doing great,” she said, her voice laden with pleasure. “But I want you to be bolder, to take me like you own me. I want all of you inside of me. Like this.”

Grabbing my ass, she heaved her groins off the bed and pushed them up toward me, forcing me to reach deep inside of her. She grabbed me harder, and then she started to rock her hips, crushing me with her sloshing wetness. My cock throbbed with every move; it didn’t take long before I grinded into her as well, following her rhythm.

“I’ll take it from here.” I slammed her back to the bed.

She gasped, her mouth staying open as I pulled out of her and thrust into her again, harder this time. Hard though to make her jerk. Hard enough to make her breasts jiggle.

I’d always looked forward to the sight of a woman’s breasts jiggling while I fucked her, so I fixed my eyes on her chest, watching her breasts as they responded to my thrusts. Soon, they jiggled more diligently than they had at first, so I knew I’d picked up pace. They could jiggle even more. Harder. Faster. It all hinged on how hard I fucked her. How fast I fucked her.

The mattress crinkled beneath us, and the sounds of skin clapping together was almost as loud as our moans and whimpers. My cock spasmed inside of me, letting me in on what was to come. I pulled out of her, and she pushed me off her. She crawled like a kitty, and when she reached my cock, she grabbed it with both hands and lowered her head to it, sucking greedily as I shot out my release.

This was the best night of my life. Stacy and I had not gone past the brief blowjob she’d treated me to, so I was pretty much still a virgin when I walked into Natasha’s lounge the second time. But the raunchy escort didn’t have to know that she was my first.

I let go of the thoughts and gripped her head instead, pinning it to my groins and forcing her to swallow up my full length.