7 Days is not Enough

If there's one thing that men and women agree on, it's sex. It's not only pleasurable for both parties but relieves the many tensions of life. But because of our busy albeit mundane lives, sex becomes the least of our priorities despite the urge. With so much to be preoccupied about, we've forgotten how to have sex without having to plan it.

But just so we don't forget, sex is just as important as work, as is having a family. Sex is the best exercise, or so they claim, it burns more calories than jogging or running around, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps release endorphins, the natural "feel good" factor and last but not the least, it keeps you in good shape, just look at those beautiful London escorts. Probably the most important benefit of all is that it helps strengthen your relationship; it gives you a bond with your partner.

So the real question now is, how does a man who already gets sex, get even more from his woman? The answer is: do it everyday, 7 days a week and here's how you do it.

Stress busting Sex - normally, Mondays are considered to be the worst day of the week. As well as being the first work day after the weekend, it is also when your stress hormones are highest, so to cool off, why don't you take her out to dinner and put on your manly swagger. Who knows, you could be sky rocketing off to a different place if you do.

Quickie - there's nothing more erotic than a quick sexual fix. Sex isn't just about

Penetration, sometimes foreplay is even better, not to mention hotter. So just before you have your food for dinner with your Brazilian escort, why don't you give her a quick trip down under and see for yourself how amazing it is.

Dry Humping- the middle of the week is normally the best time to spend some quality time together if you're both busy on the weekend and what better way to do this than watching your favourite DVD together while dry humping each other on the couch.

After Party Sex - Fridays are reserved for parties and late night dinner nights out with your friends and some call girls, but if you're both not drunk and well aware of the situation you might as well take advantage of it. As soon as you get home, don't even wait to get inside the room, start getting it on the minute you step inside that door.

Morning After Sex, Times 2 - weekends are normally spent either out about town or in bed huddled up with a good movie and a take away. So why don't you take this time to explore more of her body. Just before getting out of bed, coax her into doing some morning romps and who knows, the next round might just be on her.