To All Potential Escorts

You have just turned eighteen and you are wondering, what happens next? You have considered being an escort, but you have no clue, on what it entails. This is mostly the case with many potential escorts who are eager to join the ‘club’. Many wonder what it takes to be an escort, and many others assume that it’s just about the looks, glamour and glitter. Though different escort agencies have different recruitment methods, there are a few general elements that will apply to all of them. These include your beauty, wits and a good personality. Many London escort agencies offer discreet, pleasurable and safe company, assuring their escort’s safety and privacy at all times.

Often enough, many girls join escort agencies for one reason or another. These may include fun, education funding or maybe a serious career path. Once you have considered all the factors, ask yourself the question: How do I become an escort? First, you have to make a decision on whether or not this is the path you want to choose as a career. You must consider all the aspects and outcomes of the said job and must have enough time to dedicate. You also need the mental, physical and emotional preparation, as the main aim is to please the customers. Remember to always be professional and consider your courtesy, respect to others and most importantly, your traits. These are the most important elements and the reason why most London escorts are so successful.

Carry out as much research as possible about the goods and bad of the industry and this will give you an idea of how many escort agencies work and the ongoing changes in the industry. Identify different agencies you may want to work for, their stability, popularity and credibility.

On the interview day, remember that the first impression lasts. Be well presented, polite and courteous and let your unique personality and true worth shine through. Be confident and don’t show signs of doubt. Once you have the job and are part of the agency, prepare for your first client. Get tips from other escorts in London, as this will help you with what you need to know in advance.