An Encounter at the Pool

As I prepared to meet him I could feel the butterflies swarming in my stomach. I swore as my stockings tore and I pulled them off angrily. Breathe baby girl breath. I inhaled deeply and let it out slowly trying to pull myself together. I didn’t bother to put on another pair of stockings. I figured my stockings wouldn’t be what he would be looking at. For good measure I unbuttoned the two top buttons of my fitted leather top exposing much more cleavage that I normally would but I figured hey something had to give.

I squirmed in the limo that dropped off the escorts. Was this really how I wanted to live my life? Was it going to be worth it? We pulled up in front of a huge house and the driver stooped at the front gate. He spoke to someone over the intercom before the gates opened. We passed the main house and pulled up in front of a glass pool house. As I stepped out of the limo I could see a man making laps in the pool.

A stern looking elderly man motioned for me to follow him which I did quietly. We entered the pool house and the elderly man spoke, “Your guest has arrived sir.”

I watched as Mr. Parker pulled himself out of the pool. I watched as his muscles tensed and the water glistened off his body. Much to my surprise this mountainous man was stark naked. My eyes lingered on his cock and I’m pretty sure that I licked my lips.

“Thank you John,” Mr Parker said with a sly smile on his face. John nodded and left the room closing the doors behind him.

“Good evening Nicky. I must say you are more gorgeous in person.”

I smiled as he walked towards me. He passed his fingers over my exposed breasts and I shuddered.

“Do you swim?” he asked.

I cleared my throat, “No, I never learned.”

“Well that’s ok we can stay on the shallow end.”

I felt like the prey as he continued to circle me drinking in every inch on me with his dark, cool eyes. Unexpectedly he pulled me into a kiss and I opened my mouth to receive him. My breasts squeezed against his chest and my hands moved around his neck. He pulled away slowly and smile.

“Now get undressed and meet me in the pool.” With that he turned away and dived into the pool. I undressed quickly, knowing that time is money. I struggled not to put my hands over my breast to cover myself. I stood tall and walked around the pool to the steps as though I was accustomed to strutting my goods to tall handsome men every day.

I waddled into the pool and leaned against the side of the pool as high in the water as I felt comfortable. I watched as Mr. Parker swam towards me. He held on to my hips as he pulled himself up. I felt his cock rub against my leg as he stood in front of me before it rested on my stomach. He parted my legs with his and his fingers found my pussy.

I leaned into him enjoying the coldness of his body. His other hand held my head back a bit as his lips once again met mine. Our lips danced for a few minutes before his head dipped under the water. He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and his tongue licked and tickled my pussy. I braced myself against the wall knowing fully well that holding his head wasn’t an option. I wasn’t about to kill a client on my first day on the job.

The effect of the water and his tongue on my pussy was amazing. He placed my other leg over his shoulder and slowly rose above the water. He held my ass and I held onto his shoulders. He placed me on the side of the pool, his mouth never leaving my pussy. I moaned loudly as he pushed me back gently. I lay back and wiggled my ass under him as his fingers and tongue worked their magic. His pressure on my clit and timing was exact. He wasn’t like the other men I had been with who didn’t know anything about a woman’s anatomy. I squeezed my eyes together and shrieked as I climaxed.

Still panting he gently pulled me back into the water.

“You are very responsive,’ he whispered into my ear, “I love that in a woman.”

“Is there anything else that you like in a woman?” I said in the same soft tone.

“I like a woman who swallows.” He smiled.

Once more my legs were parted but it was his cock that entered my pussy his time. His cock was so big I thought my pussy was going to be ripped apart. Luckily for me he took me slow until his cock was deep within my pussy.

He turned around so his back was against the wall and he wrapped my legs around his waist. I locked my hands behind his neck as he gripped my hips. I moved slowly over him and he grunted in delight. He moved my hips forward and backward slamming my pussy into his cock. I held my wrists so that I wouldn’t fall back into the water. In spite of us being in water, I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead and my hair becoming limp from sweat.

I screamed out in pleasure once my and he held me close until my body became still. He helped me to climb out of the pool and he led my hand as we walked over to one of his beach chairs. He sat and pulled me close for another kiss. I moved my lips from his and winked. I trailed kisses along his chest and his stomach until I held his cock in my hands.

“This is where the fun begins” With that being said, I covered his cock with my mouth.

Mr. Parker is now a regular of mine. I wouldn’t trade my job because escorts have the most fun.