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I walked through the rain so no one would see my tears. I tossed the roses that I had in my hand into a nearby bin. I folded my hands across my breasts hoping that it would keep my heart from falling out my chest. As I entered the parking lot of the motel I was staying at I ran the rest of the way to my door. I fumbled in my bag for my keys for a minute or two before finally getting the lock open and entering the empty motel room.

How dare she? And here I was thinking that she was being faithful all his time she was hear at college. My best friend Shelly warned me about long term relationships but I wouldn’t listen I feel like such a fool. I took a quick shower and I sat in front of my computer with a cup of hot chocolate in boxer briefs and a thin strapped vest. I was bored out of my mind. I pussy was throbbing because it had been such s long time since I’ve had sex and I thought tonight would be my night but I was wrong. My legs were tingling. I had excess energy that I didn’t know what to do with. I needed a quick fix and I needed it now.

I went to my handbag and pulled out my purse, “Where is it? Where the hell is it?” I rummaged through the compartments of my purse until I finally got my hands on the calling card that I was looking for. Shelly told me about this great escorting service that she had tried. I laughed at her because I told her that never would I pay for sex. But Shelly didn’t mind she said that she got more than her monies worth and she would be using them again in her future.

I looked at the name of the website and I types it in on my computer. As I watched through the website I could feel my pussy calling out to be touched. These women were gorgeous and they had their own specialty with terms and condition. I honestly didn’t need someone with too much specialty though I just needed someone who could suck my pussy till it overflowed. I chose one of the petite escorts.

She had a pixie cut. A “b” cup sized bra and she was slim at the waist. We were about the same height and weight so that it evened out the playing field in the bedroom. I called the number gave all the information that was required. After about 10 minutes on the phone I put the phone down and anxiously waited for her to arrive.

I was pacing the motel room when she got there and I jumped when I heard the knock on the door. I walked quickly to the door excited even though I was nervous.

“Hi,” I said in a higher pitched voice than usual.

“Hi I’m Dana,” she said extending her hand to me. I shook it briefly and place my hand on my chest, “And I’m Kim. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never done this before so I’m a bit nervous.” I motioned for her to come inside.

“It’s quite natural to be a bit nervous. “ She smiled at me and I could feel my nervous getting themselves under control. She continued, ‘How about we get ourselves more comfortable?”

She placed her bag on the small table and slowly took her clothes off. She moved towards me and I allowed her to remove my clothes as well. She held my hand as we walked to the bed. I lay on the bed and she hovered over me, watching, admiring my body. She kissed me softly and I eagerly opened my mouth. My tongue explored her mouth and my hands roamed her body hungrily.

She slithered down my body and I gasped as she parted my thighs. I could feel her hot breath over my pussy, lingering, smelling my arousal.

“Please touch me,” I whimpered.

She slowly parted my pussy and ran her finger my up and down covering her finger with my juices. I moaned softly grateful that I was already lying down since my legs felt wobbly. I felt her tongue slide between my lips and I moaned louder. I moved my hands to my pussy and opened my pussy lips as wide as I could so she could explore all of me.

She used the tip of her tongue and stuck it in and out of me. It took everything within me not to hold her head in position and grind my pussy against her face. I took her hands and I shoved some of her fingers inside me. I held her wrist so I was able to adjust the speed and rhythm of her fingers. Her finger stroked my inside and I was having a little bit of heaven right here on earth. I lifted my ass and tried to get her fingers as deep in me as possible. She used her other hand to press against my clit and she moved her fingers quickly over it.

“Oh fuck oh fuck.” My hands found their way to the covers and I held on as I wiggled below Dana. I could feel myself swelling. Sweat was dripping from every inch of my being and I screamed out in pleasure as I squirted all over the bed. I thought that I would never stop. My breath was now heavy and I placed my hand on my chest to try to get it under control.

“Thank you Dana,” I said in between breaths, “ I feel so relieved now it had been such a long time…” I got up slowly and walked over to my suitcases that were in the corner.

“Now that that is over,” I pulled out my dildo, “I’d like you to meet Frankie.” I licked it with a twinkle in my eye. “Would you and Frankie please fuck me now?”

Dana laughed, “Of course. How do you like it?”



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