An Interview with Henry

I love my wife I really do. I would do anything for me wife but a man has needs doesn’t he? Isn’t a wife supposed to take care of her man? We both worked extremely long hours and it seemed as though we were never in the same room together unless we were asleep. I needed a release and I needed it soon. I told my wife that I would be doing some interviews to get an assistant to help me with a few things so we could get to spend some more time together. My wife agreed and I decided to have the interviews at home. The only thing was it wasn’t a real interviewee.

My wife had already left for the office when I heard the doorbell ring. I was dressed in a suit and tie, I had to play the part for my wife so she wouldn’t get suspicious. I opened the door and there stood a very gorgeous escort. She was in a navy blue business skirt suit. Her black hair was rolled into a bun at the back of her head and she wore dark glasses to add the final touch.

“Hi, I’m Claire Joseph. I have an appointment with Mr. Henry,” she said in a soft tone.

I extended my hand to her, “Hi, I’m Mr. Henry thank you for coming. Come on in.”

I stepped aside and allowed her in, “We’re having the interview in my office. Shall we?” She nodded as she followed me downstairs to my office. It was a very large space but it was comfortable. It had a desk with one chair behind it and two in front for clients to sit. There were a few art pieces on the wall, a bookshelf and a mini bar and mini fridge to one end.

I didn’t even offer her a seat I captured her mouth immediately. She moaned as she opened up for me. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this and I just wanted to get it started. I had no patience for foreplay not today. My hands caressed her ass as I pulled her into me. After a short while I picked her up and placed her on my desk. Thankfully I had enough sense to clear it before she came.

I quickly unbuttoned her jacket and underneath she wore a laced bra. I moaned and I quickly removed her bra exposing her perky breasts. My mouth covered her small pink nipples immediately after being released from her bra. She leaned back and moaned as her hands massaged my head pulling me close to her. Her hands moved from my head and began to trail downward to me cock. It wasn’t long before her nibble fingers and released my and I sprung to life in her hands.

She jerked my cock but I wanted her pussy. I lifted her ass and hiked up her skirt. I quickly removed her panties and pulled her close to the edge of the table. Before pushing my cock into her I stuck my fingers in her making sure she was wet enough to receive me. I was pleasantly surprised when my fingers were met with a warm sticky substance. I pushed my cock close to her pussy and rubbed it for a bit before pushing myself all the way in.

She wrapped her fingers around my neck as she moaned loudly. With every thrust I went harder into her. The harder I went the louder she moaned. Our lips found each other once again and our passion flowed freely. My lips went from hers and were once again massaging her nipples with my tongue and lips. Her hands moved from my neck and gripped my shoulders tightly. She wrapped her legs around me waist as she flung her head backwards, eyes closed. I could feel the walls of her pussy tense against my cock, I knew she was close and so was I. I exploded in her and not long after her juices were running down my thighs.

I stood back and she smiled. She hopped off the table and pushed me gently into one of the chairs while she positioned herself between my legs and my limp cock. I watched as she took my cock in her hand slowly. She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. She stroked my shaft slowly, teasing me with her fingers sending shivers down my legs. She exposed the head of my cock where there was already a spot of precum. She touched it and slowly spread it over the head of my cock, squeezing gently.

Her lips pressed against my cock and I shudder. Her mouth slid deeper and deeper on me and her tongue danced along my shaft. It wasn’t long before my cock rose again ready for business. Her tongue explored my cock, while her hand pumped my cock slowly. I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. I needed this. It had been so long. My pleasure increased as she increased the speed and intensity of her lips and hands on my cock.

Her lips wrapped itself around the head of my cock and sucked hard.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered as my hand automatically rested lightly on her head.

She repeated the act and while using her hands to increase my pleasure. It wasn’t long before her mouth was filled with my semen. She moaned as she lapped up all of my cum. Her mouth didn’t move from my cock until she had swallowed all of it.

She got up from between my legs and removed her skirt. Once again she played with my cock until was hard once again. She sat on my cock, in a backward cowgirl. I hold onto her waist as she slowly rides my cock. She turns back to look at me and licked her lips seductively. I slap her on her ass playfully. She turns in front and rotates her waist over me. I adjust to her rhythm with my hands on her waist and I reach in front to play with her pussy. She leans back on me and wraps hr hands around my neck giving me full access to her breasts. I keep one hand on her breast and another on her clit. I rub her clit hard and she increases the speed on my cock. Our bodies tensed, and then shudder as we exploded.

Exhausted and sweaty we just sit together for a while. After a few minutes we get up and get dressed and head to the front door. My wife was coming up the drive way.

“Thank you for coming Ms. Joseph. I would call you in a few days to let you know if you got the job.”

She smiled at me then she smiled politely at my wife and left.