An Unexpected Tug

It was a balmy summer evening when a group of us including my wife went out to a small Italian restaurant in Wimbledon Village. Wed been there many times before as a group so I was anticipating a genial evening which was the usual. My wife Sarah was her usual loud and gregarious self and breezed into the restaurant blowing air kisses to all while I just tucked in quietly acknowledging our friends.

As with most themed places the serving staff where of that nationality and this place was no different, staffed with Italian students. However I noticed this evening our waitress was a very mature and beautiful Italian creature, as she leaned over to take our order I could smell her sultry musky perfume which had an intoxicating aroma. I was so sure everyone could see the growing tent in my trouser, of course they couldnt but I was so embarrassed to be having these feelings especially as a married man out with my wife and friends.

As the evening wore on I soon fell behind with the topics of conversation as I found myself increasingly aroused and unable to concentrate on anyone else but this woman. I was intrigued as to who she was and suddenly I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to cup her chin in my hands and pull her towards me, I wanted to plant little kisses on her sweet neck.

I needed some air so excusing myself whilst waiting for a grappa and coffee, I popped into the gents along the way. As I came out of the cubicle she was there gently pushing me back inwards. I asked what the heck she was doing as I was a married man. She told me she knew I was decent sort and didnt expect me to cheat so therefore I wouldnt have to touch her at all. She said she knew I was left out with our friends and therefore she had selected me for an extra special house treat. Before I said anything else her hand was inside my zip and my member stood proud before her.

She took my shaft firmly between her long bony fingers and glided them up and down to perfection. I could feel a heavy sensation on my ball sac and realised she was massaging the very base with her other hand. Both hands were now expertly working up and down, squeezing me, milking me. It was heavenly and I couldnt quite believe this was happening to me. Even with the background din of a busy restaurant I could still hear the shrieks of laugher emitting from my wife, I dont think she had even noticed Id left the table.

As if reading my mind this lady whispered into my ear, its ok enjoy youre not the one playing away if you dont touch me. I kind of liked this logic as I decided I would give in and let her bring me off. She nuzzled close so I could smell her heady scent, by now she was massaging the head of my member, I could feel her releasing some pre cum as she used that like a balm. With the excitement of a teenager losing his virginity I came quick and hard, panting and groaning I shot my load, spraying the cubicle with cum, watching it run down the partition, big long streams of my silky seed. Then with a flash of a smile and a quick peck on the cheek she was gone. As I came to my senses and wondering how the hell this all happened I could hear the mystery lady shouting service in the kitchen. Service very much indeed and I was a very happy customer.

I cleaned myself up and was just about to clean the cubicle then I realised as there was only two. The likelihood of some of group males using this facility before the night was out was very high. I decided I would leave them to stare and wonder at the pools of cum, oh to see their smug faces all grossed out made me smile. I left, returned to the table to sit and wait.