Anal Escorts in London

Anal sex always makes people blush but is becoming more popular among the London escorts, especially the open minded ones. It is common for wives and girlfriends to refuse to do this as they deem it to be dirty and best left for the porn films. The best way to get some great anal action is to call one of the London escorts who can show you exactly how it is done.

Anal fun isn't just for the woman's benefit. Many straight men love the feeling of a finger in their ass, even though few will admit it! One finger up there can make you cum in a completely different way! If this is not something you have tried before, it can open up a whole new world of sexual possibilities and your sex life will never seem the same again, so book one of the open minded escorts to have some naughty fun with.

Start by inserting a finger into your London escorts anus. Use plenty of lubricant and make sure that your nails are well kept and not too long. Ask her to describe exactly what feels good and how she likes it. Play with her clitoris at the same time and get a bit of a rhythm going. You can make her climax very quickly by doing this.

Ask her to bring some toys with her. There are many different things you can try but some common ones are butt plugs and anal beads. They are not too big and great for beginners. Just make sure that you have plenty of lubricant to hand.

Ask her to return the favour, being very gentle and careful. Get her to suck your penis at the same time so that the focus isn't entirely on your ass. Did you know that you actually have your very own G spot up there and if probed correctly can actually force you to ejaculate? Once you are comfortable with the one finger ask her to insert another, making sure she continues to pay attention to your penis to keep you aroused.

Once you are happy to take a couple of fingers why not try out the butt plug. It can be a real turn on to penetrate your London escort with that still inserted in your anus. It gives you a whole new set of sensations. For a really different experience try the anal beads. Insert them one by one and then ask your London escort to slowly pull them out of you.

Just because you enjoy anal sex or insertions does not make you gay or bi sexual. You may be confused about your sexuality after exploring these avenues but just remember it is just another experience and a way of maximising pleasure.

Make sure that your London escorts ass is well lubricated before you go for penetrative anal sex. Never just stick it in, always go gently and with caution. It can be an incredible experience if done correctly but also very painful if done the wrong way.