How to Ask a Girl Out On a Date

You may have heard this already, but a Marine Corps Sergeant just asked one of the hottest female stars of today, Mila Kunis to be his date in the Marine Corps Ball. From the get-go, you’d think that it would be an honour for Mila to attend such event, but think again. We are just about to tell you his biggest secret - he never really asked her out. Weird? Not really. This is pretty normal for abnormally timid and introverted men. And don’t think that they don't exist, because they do. This Marine Sergeant is a living proof that they do. If you’ve seen the video, it seemed as if he was subliminally asking Mila to go with him to the ball in a very obligatory manner using patriotism as a front. You wouldn’t want to know how that went but I assure you, this trend has got to stop. ASAP!

And in order to do that, we need to make sure that you guys don’t fall into the same trap. Always remember that when asking a girl out, you want to make sure that you move from a casual conversation to something more meaningful like a potential relationship, and the only way to do it is if you get your ass up from your computer and just ask her out.

Here are good ideas on how you can ask a girl out without being turned down. If you’re eyeing this girl up from your local gym, then it’s probably time to buy her some dinner. Offering to buy her dinner will give her the signal that it isn’t just another friendly-get-together but a real date, a possible ‘getting-to-know-you’ initiative. Don’t worry about getting turned down, a woman rarely turns down a man who offers to buy her dinner. But if the girl you’re crushing on is somehow interested in sports, asking her to come to a game would be a good start. Showing her tickets to an upcoming ball game might just give her the idea of a date and if she says yes (without offering to pay for it), then it might just be your lucky day.

It’s pretty understandable if you’re not ready to take big steps yet when asking a girl out and for those who wish to keep the first date as low-key as possible, your best bet would be a coffee date. This is perhaps the most friendly, less intrusive kind of date. If a woman barely knows anything about you, something as casual as coffee or lunch might just be your ticket to a second date.

In fact, a lot of London escorts nowadays prefer to be taken out on a date. Most of them say that they find a man more attractive if he can approach a woman and just ask her out on a date, coffee, lunch, movie, dinner, a ball game or even a party. Whatever it is you plan on doing with her, unless you make the move, you’re really never going to get it.