How to ask her out the Wrong Way

Asking a woman out on a date can be extremely terrifying, whether you're a cocky athletic guy, or an intellectual millionaire. The truth of the matter is, women have the power to boost your ego or shatter your confidence right then and right there, but there is no need to focus on that because there are so many other opportunities and as they say fish in the sea. If you get blown out then try again, but with someone new. As long as you know how to ask a woman out, you probably won't be rejected in a negative way. Follow these tips and guidelines on how to ask that babe out for a date.

There are definitely good ways, and bad ways to ask a female out on a date, but let's start with the typical way to ask someone out, and examine why it's definitely the wrong way to approach a female for a date.

"Will you go out with me?"

Admit it, boys - you have asked a girl out like this more than one time, haven't you?

Firstly, a girl wants to know that you have put some thought into this proposal of yours and that she's not the last girl at the bar that you're willing to take home. You didn't say when or where, so she will probably more than likely think exactly just that - that you're looking for a one night stand.

Not only did you show absolutely no thought or initiative, but you immediately set yourself up for rejection without a cause or reason. All she has to do is answer with a "no" and the conversation is done. There is nothing left to say because if you ask "why"... well, just don't. That's just weird! Just walk away with your head held high and whatever dignity you still have left, but you will never know if she said no because she's busy, or no because she's not interested, so avoid this dilemma at the beginning.

By asking a female out on a date by simply saying, "Will you go out with me?" you're not giving her any reason to do so. You're not giving her anything exciting to base her answer off of and you're definitely not showing that you're committed to taking her out and getting to know her. There is no personality in that question. You imply that she would be doing you a favour by going out with you and that in no way, shape or form is going to get her to say yes.

This way of asking a girl out also implies that you are asking her out on a formal date. You know, dinner, movie, and goodnight kiss on her doorstep? The pressure is on her, and it's uncomfortable.

You're not in school anymore. Avoid this way of asking someone out and put some personality, purpose and promise into your proposal