How to Attract Escorts in Chelsea

Getting a typical woman to pay attention to you can be hard work. You saw a friend of yours at a restaurant with a gorgeous girl that came from the escort service. Now you are wondering how you could attract a girl like her. You may think it is near enough impossible to attract an escort especially if she is off duty but here are some tips for you to try!

Five Easy ways to Attract an Escort

1. Treat her like a lady - Sometimes because of the work that she does, men may not treat her in the best way. These women are as sensitive and as loving as any other woman. Her escort job is not the only thing that defines who she is. Open the doors for her pull out her chair and pay the bill. You are doing these things because you want to not because you want to get her in bed.

2. Listen when she speaks - Instead of looking at the escort's cleavage or looking at her long tanned legs, make eye contact and listen! She may have a lot to talk about especially when it comes to her job. She is used to dealing with men who only pretend to listen to her, so when she goes on a date she will want someone who is really attentive and lingers on her every word. The escort wants someone that she can really connect with and have a great time.

3. Compliment more than her beauty - She gets about a million compliments a day on how gorgeous she looks. The last thing that she needs to hear when you pick her up is how beautiful she looks. This may sound weird but after the escorts in Chelsea hear this over and over the novelty wears off!

4. Give her quality not quantity - Earn enough money so trying to impress her with lots of gifts wont work. Every time you see her you don't need to bring a gift that you think may impress her. What she wants is someone that will make the effort to be there for her when she really needs them, not another person who is trying to by her love.

5.Love that she is, not what she can do for you - At times the Chelsea escorts think that their partners want them to be an escort at home too. How would you feel if you had to do something twenty four hours a day, seven days a week? You would get bored and you would no longer want to do it even if it is something that you loved. When she gets home she just wants some normality. No ropes, no chains, no added flair. If you can give her a normal life outside of the job she will definitely appreciate it.

Good luck!