How to avoid getting a nagging wife

So you think that you have a nagging wife? I wonder why that is? Are you doing the things that she has asked you to do? Or do you think of her as a London escort or are you putting them off until you are good and ready to do them. If you have a nagging wife you have created your own monster and now you have to learn how to deal with her or as they say tame the beast.

The nagging wife syndrome comes when a woman feels as though she is being ignored by the one and only person in the world who is supposed to respect her care about how she feels. Instead she gets a man who does not live up to his word and continually ignores every word that comes out of her mouth. Does this sound familiar? And you wonder why she’s nagging?

If your wife has asked you to do something whether it is around the house or go to pay a bill and you say ok she expects you to follow through with what you’ve said, after al you are two adults in a relationship. It is very frustrating when a wife has to tell her grown husband to do the same thing over and over and over unlike a London escort . It makes her feel as though she is speaking with one of the children. If you a reacting like a child shouldn’t you be treated as one? Many of you may disagree with this point but the reality is that is exactly how you are behaving like a child.

When you ask someone to do something don’t you expect them to get it done in a timely manner? Think about when you ask your son to tidy his room or your daughter to set the table and they don’t do it how does it make you feel? I am very sure that you feel upset and disrespected. So why is it that you feel your wife doesn’t feel the same way?

When a man starts to ignore his wife and refuses to do anything she asks him to do she quickly loses trust in him and his dependability rating drops significantly. The mere fact that she is still talking to you is somewhat of a good thing, it is when she has stopped nagging you would need to be very worried because you don’t know what she’s thinking about.

So if you want the nagging to stop be a man and step up to the plate. Do what you say you are going to do. If you can’t do it right away let her know she will understand be cause she is also human. But to just sit down and say you have a nagging wife is the same as a woman sitting down to say she has a lazy husband.