Bare Essentials for Your Office Desk

It doesn't mean that you're a corporate slave, you have to live part. There are numerous ways in order to spruce up your look in the office. Who knows, a lot of people have already taken measures to pimp their office desks that have led to not only lower levels of stress but also more efficient working habit. It's not about looking silly, but more about making your office desk feel homely. Most people, especially men, work better if they are in an environment that they can easily relax in. It doesn't mean you're doing work that you have to feel stress, automatically. Here are some ideas how to improve your own:

Pictures and portrait frames across your office table always have sentimental value, so make sure that you don't get rid of those; a picture of your girlfriend, your first high school photo, family portrait or even the hottest London escort you've dated.

There's nothing more inspiring than to see the people who mean a lot to you right in front of you when you work. However, this doesn't mean that you should be bland about it. Make sure that when you do put up pictures on your desk, they complement the look of your office well. This aesthetic appeal adds more value to the pictures you're putting up. It will always look best if your frames fit the rest of your office's look. Make sure you mix and match well the designs.

Furthermore, you should always have your trusted coffee mug within arm's reach. If you're a coffee person, this is a definite bare essential you cannot have a decent day in the office without it. This means that you should also have mugs that fit well the look of your office. Again, aesthetics is everything in the corporate world. This doesn't preclude you, though, from having wacky figures on your mug. In order to lighten your mood over your office coffee, choose a mug that's well customised to your liking. There are lot of prints and designs you can choose from that are not only fun, but also very chic for your office.

Alongside all of these bare essentials, you should have useful accessories along with them. Among others, you should have a handy coaster, file organiser, a sturdy office file cabinet, or one of those handy organisers or filers you can buy almost everywhere! All of these are necessary in order to not only complement your other office stuff, but also keep the rest in good shape. For example, if your desk has a glass top, you wouldn't want to scratch its surface with over usage or with too much discreet office action by sneaking in some escorts!

Lastly, don't forget to keep everything organised and preppy. Go ahead and go out of the boring black and silver pen holder, or clip storage space. You should be able to, again, mix and match what feels right, with what looks appropriate as office materials. It will always boil down to what kinds of colour schemes you want to mix and match and that everything has to look cosy enough for you to work in.