Be Comfy not Crappy

There is a big difference between being comfy and looking crappy. Too often, couples get way too comfortable with one another and look crappy on a daily basis. There is nothing more unappealing than walking around looking like a slob. Learning how to be sexy and comfortable whilst hanging out with your girl will definitely help you with get laid more often.

Think of it like this, if you don't want to see your girl wearing it then don't wear it. You don't want to see your girl's nasty laundry or gym clothes that are grey but should be white, with stains and holes, right? You don't want to see her wearing trousers that look like she has a nappy on either. God forbid she wears a polo neck! So what makes you think she would ever want exactly what you don't?

Of course, there are different variations of sexy for men and women. Just because you like to see your woman wearing tight little shorts around the house, it doesn't mean you should do the same. Instead, try a tight t-shirt that shows off your muscles and a bit of your chest.

Sure, those sweaty old track bottoms that you have in your wardrobe from college are by far the most comfy clothes that you own, but this doesn't mean that your lady is going to look at you wearing some smelly old clothes and want to jump your bones. Save those for guy's night and get yourself some clean, or even better new casual wear.

If it has holes, don't wear it. Sure, its laundry day and you have nothing else to wear, but she's not going to care. You're just going to look disgusting. Quickly wash a load, or go shopping. Do what you have to do, just don't wear anything with holes in it.

Women love to see their men sweat, but this does not mean that they want to be reminded of it every time you lift up your arms. Yes, you guessed it, that t-shirt that you love with the sweat stains cannot be seen when you're with your girl.

If it makes you look dirty, poor or homeless then opt out of wearing it. It will definitely not spark any sex appeal for that comfy DVD night you're having with your girl. Instead, wearing something clean and fitting will still be comfortable and sexy. Sure, it may not be the most comfortable option, but it's the option that is going to get you some sex.

It's worth it. You'll see!