Don’t be fooled by the rip off London Escort Agencies

Its all in the title or that is what some of the less honest and salubrious London escort agencies would have you believe. These unscrupulous masters of the rip off are using their Google titles, for the uninitiated amongst you, the adverts that appear after you have typed a search query into Google or for that matter most search engines. There they are usually top of the list and quite blatantly offering gorgeous, stunning, and unbelievably priced escorts in London at extremely cheap prices, from £90, £99 and £100. Readers beware there is an immediate pointer that should grab your attention, that little word "From", or even "For" which in these cases has a massive double meaning. The back door escape route to ensure that if you were to arrange a liaison, you would in almost all cases, never pay the advertised amount. The carrot has been dangled but will you bite?

Take a simple scenario, you contact another London escort agency and request that extra special beauty that you saw on their all singing all dancing website, brass knobs included. There are then two possible conclusions to the conversation which you have been drawn into. Unfortunately, Miss X is unavailable tonight, could we interest you in another escort? The real killer though is yes sir what is your postal code? This is where the sting kicks in - unfortunately you are outside of our service area, however we can provide Miss X but we cannot offer you the priced quoted on our website. This is where the fee begins to attract what is referred to as those little extras for travelling outside of their service area. Ok these are the most probable twists on the scenario and immediately the ball is back in your court to decide whether or not to proceed with the transaction.

There is another further possible pit fall as well. Miss X will be with you at your requested location at the requested time you are told, but then on arrival, Miss X looks nothing like the glamorous London escorts agency stunner that you selected from their glitzy website. So where does that leave you? Well basically up the proverbial creek without a paddle, a leg to stand on and with considerably less money. Greed and absolute contempt for you, the discerning client, is all you will get. No apologies, no offer of an alternative if you are unhappy, in fact no service delivery ethos at all. Take the cash and run is the best you can hope for leaving you, the totally disgruntled absolutely conned and well and truly ripped off client, in total disbelief at what has happened. Its feels like Friday the 13th all over again, of course you have to be superstitious to believe that, but you get the general idea and drift. Not a good conclusion to what you thought was going to be a fantastic rendezvous and definitely a case of no such thing as a free lunch, you only get what you pay for.

In conclusion, do more searching and check out the companies that are most certainly damaging the London escort agencies business and reputation, but most importantly remember cheap prices don't always mean a bargain, there is always a catch and a price to pay. Don't be caught out by these grifters their predatory instincts are bound to disappoint, will most definitely not meet with your expectations, and will conclusively fail to deliver.