Be a Man, Be a Versatile Man

Admit it- you have far more clothes than your wife or girlfriend and mother combined, and we know why you hoard so many clothes in your closet but never get to use them- you're afraid you'd look like a fool in them but you bought them anyway because they were in the sale. Yeah, that's right; men can be quite impulsive too. Shoes and shirts are just some of the most impulsive stuff we buy when we're out on a shopping spree.

What we fail to realise is that we only need a handful of clothes to make us go from drab to fab. But yes, only a few key pieces will give your wardrobe a totally different look. And we don't mean you should go out there again and buy these pieces. They may already be hanging in your wardrobe just waiting to be found and used.

Here, we list the no-fail pieces a man should never do without. These key items will definitely free some space in your wardrobe and add more swagger to your clothes. Are you ready?

First on the list is a pair of pants that a man should never leave the house without. A pair of white, linen pants is a man's best friend next to his dog. A perfect summer piece, this easy, breezy (and beautiful) pair of pants is your best if you want to just chill and lounge around the beach or your neighbourhood. After all, white leaves something for the women to imagine.

And to pair off your perfect white pants is a pair of loafers. A slip-on shoe, either made of leather, suede of canvas, and this sartorial item is a perfect conversation piece. And did we mention they also come in brown and white?

But what is a pair of loafers without a nice fitting suit? Every man should never do without a classic suit in his closet. Seriously, this piece may give you your lucky break and make you look like a million dollars.

Now if you're a casual kind of guy, a cardigan might just do the trick for you. Light and easy on the body, this piece is the ultimate layering item. Available in different colours and fabric choices, consider a cardigan your best girl pal ready to give you a hug in the cold winter weather.

Let's not forget how khakis and dark rinse denims also give you a boost when it comes to being fashionable. These two items are so versatile they can go from rough and rugged to semi-formal and chic. What else would you need if you got these?

And the most important item on the list is a white button down shirt. And yes, it has to have buttons. A white shirt may be an essential piece of undergarment but nothing screams classic and sophisticated more than a crisp white button down shirt.

Now that you've got the key pieces sorted, it's time to rummage through your closet and sort out the stuff you don't need and don't wear and keep those that you find fitting for your fashion needs. After all, if you want to go out with hot escort, then looking good should be on the top of your list.