Being a Nice Guy Can Work!

Being a nice guy is often stereotyped to be a bad thing, but this is definitely not true. Sure, you may have been that nerdy kid in school that everyone made fun of, but this is adult life now. Be proud that you were the nerd for years in school but will now forever be that guy with the trophy wife.

How is it possible that a "nice guy" can end up with a trophy wife you ask? It's simple. There are great benefits to being a nice guy, especially when it comes to sexy women. Good looking girls are often hollered at, hooted at and harassed by all sorts of men, but do you think they enjoy it? Sure, the odd woman might enjoy the attention, but a beautiful woman with a good head on her shoulders probably won't. Where does this leave you? You have respect, something that they so rarely see from men, so good for you!

Beautiful women also appreciate the fact that you actually listen to them and you actually care about what they have to say. They're so used to having jerks only care about sleeping with them because they're hot, that again, it's another win for you!

In addition to that, you actually care. You're the nice guy which means you probably didn't have the sexiest babes all over you in school, but you sure do now. You know how to treat and appreciate a good, beautiful woman. Win! Win! Win!

Your compliments are real. Gorgeous women are always hearing how sexy they are or how amazing their bodies are, and sure, these are great compliments, but they can get sick of hearing them. Your compliments are genuine and real. Why? Because you're the nice guy and you see beyond the exterior! Win!

Lastly, you don't just want to get in her knickers, this ties all the previous facts all together into one. You have respect, you listen to them because you care, you appreciate a beautiful woman and don't just want to sleep with her. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, it shouldn't. You, as the nice guy, have the qualities that beautiful women almost never see from the men that approach them. They are often approached by guys that are arseholes because nice guys are too intimidated to approach them! These sexy women get sick of hearing how hot they are and how much better their clothes would look on the bedroom floor!

To a beautiful, trophy woman, having a decent, respectful man approach them and actually converse with them, is a breath of fresh air.