Best Places to Have a Quickie

Having a quickie with the escorts in Edmonton may be something that has been on your to do agenda for quite a while. You have done the wining and dining and you want to step up your game a bit. Some escorts don't really like quickies so ensure that the blonde escorts that you choose enjoy the game that you are about to play.

Okay, so here are a few places to have a quickie with the escorts in Edmonton that will get your blood pumping.


You may not want to choose a place where the lifts are always packed and the place is always busy. Choose somewhere where it's quieter, maybe somewhere that has less people. To make this work without getting caught, ensure that no one is in the lift with you and the blonde escorts. You can stop the lift and get steamy with the escorts in Edmonton. You may get some stares coming out of the lift, and maybe a few raised eyebrows, but that's only because they wished they had the guts to do what you just did!


This is a very tricky place to have a quickie with the escorts in Edmonton, but never the less it can be done. As with the lift, choose a time where people are least likely to use it if you can. The best position to have the blonde escorts in is to have them leaning over the staircase so you take her from behind. This way she is able to see and hear if anyone is going up and down the stairs, which will give you some time to assume a different position so that you won't get caught.


This is one of the oldest make out places in the world. Many people especially the Edmonton escorts, go here not to see the film but to be able to have a little fun with the person that they are with. The best type of sex to have at the movies is oral sex unless of course you can get a seat in the darkest corner of an almost empty cinema and she can discreetly ride you face to face or back to chest. If there are too many people around then you might just have to settle for a hand-job and the occasional blowjob from the blonde escorts during the film.


This is also an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes you are so turned on by the Edmonton escorts that you can't wait to get them back home to have your way with them. Why wait when you can take her right there and then? Find yourself a little secluded place where the police won't catch you and just ravish her!

In order to do these things successfully, it would be best if the blonde escorts wore a skirt or a dress. They may also choose to not wear underwear, but that's up to them. When you are with the blonde escorts you should always try to make things as fun, hot and sexy as possible because that is what they expect from you. Keep it fresh and keep it new so that you won't get stuck in a rut. What better way to do this than by having sex in places where there is a potential chance of getting caught? You may know of other places as well, so use them and have fun!