How Big is Big?

When it comes to the tall tales of penises, every man cant help but be competitive. As it is most commonly believed, the bigger the penis is, the better the sex will be.

But even the most aggressive size queens find that a big penis isn't always all that much fun after all.

According to a Slough escort, she once met a man with a thick girth and a long shaft. In essence, every woman would love the idea of having added friction, but not all the time.

And while having sex with men with big penises may be good a thing once in a while, frequent sex with them can be quite tedious. In fact, one of the worst things they can ask you to do is to have anal sex with them with their well-endowed tool.

If you put it in an equation, Big Penis + Anal Sex = Painful Sex. Although most women who are sexually aggressive enjoy anal sex with their lovers, its a totally different story when it comes to men with a penis the size of a bottle. Its painful, a deadly combination of all sorts, no woman should be put through that kind of agony. If you're a man who has a big penis, you should never ask your woman to compromise her pleasure for yours.

When it comes to oral sex, women don't want too big a penis either. Women who engage in oral sex with big penises have a harder time pleasing them because of the tendency to choke. Yes, a warning to all men of big penises, forcing your woman to go down on you all the way isn't exactly the right measure of love.

Now we know its difficult to enjoy sex with a big penis but with a few tricks you might just have the most fantastic intercourse you'll have:

Use plenty of lubricant- if you can use 2 bottles of lube while you're doing it, all the better. Chafing while having sex was never an option. Keep as lubricated as possible, you'll find it more pleasurable both for you and your partner.

Woman on Top position- to avoid hurting your girl let her stay on top. That way she doesn't feel the pressure of your big tool.

Slowly but Surely- one common mistake of men when having sex, is they tend to do it fast and rough, but if you have a big penis, you may be hurting your woman and maybe even causing her to bleed, so take it slow and make it enjoyable for her despite your size.

Follow these tips and you'll be having more sex than you could ever dream of. But always remember to make the most of every position you can get, as once a woman bleeds, its usually over.