Blonde escorts and how many birthdays

Blonde Escorts, how many have you had or seen? Being blonde and also in this business, London escorts, poses a number of advantages and disadvantages. When I think about my past days in the business I always remember my birthday because it´s has a double meaning for me, the day that I joined the escorting business and my birthday of course. Now, when I celebrate I do it for both things. I often work on my birthday as well which can be quite nice. I remember a couple of times I celebrated my birthday together with a client. For many of you this might sound strange, but if you consider that there are many birthdays still to come, I personally think that doing something new and fresh has to be done sometimes, for the lifting of your spirit. And if that guy is also a handsome and good natured man then you could consider your present already received!

I consider it as work and anyway many people do work on their birthdays. Let´s suppose you are just working however and you have your birthday but because of a clients request you had to postpone your party. This has happened to a few girls I know. To be able to pass this without remorse they usually deal with this on a strictly business based relationship, and nothing else. It comes and it goes, so I find it so much easier to work on my birthday because I enjoy my job and it’s something to look forward to for me.

I remember this client who I was seeing, the kind of guy who instantly turns you on when he touches you. That´s exactly what happened once, when after a romantic dinner we went to his place and all of the sudden all hell broke loose, but in a good way I mean! That´s what I call a nice birthday present! It began with slow kissing and touching and very quickly we just realised that our clothes were flying all over the room. I was tied to the bed, he was clearly in control, but me not opposing at all. The night was just marvellous and I cannot forget even now, after 3 years.

There are pleasant and less pleasant experiences, but all in all the job of London escort is a pleasant one with great opportunities to fulfill your dreams, especially if you are a young attractive blonde escort like me.