Is She Bored in Bed With You?

Do you feel like your girl has been lacking in the bedroom, or growing rather distant? Are you starting to question if she is getting bored in the bedroom? Oh, your ego is shrinking by the minute, isn't it? Unfortunately, there is no way for you to improve your sex life unless you know, for certain, that she is indeed bored. Follow these guidelines to determine if your girl is dreading the time you're spending together and dancing sideways underneath the sheets.

If your girl is doing anything other than being completely and totally engulfed in your sexy romp, then her mind is elsewhere. She should not be switching through the channels on the television or checking the time while you're making love to her. You need to try to keep her more engaged, whether it is by asking her to do certain things, or saying what she wants.

Oh, the starfish position. Although you should never tell her this, this is how your girl lays there, spread out like a star, doing and saying absolutely nothing. Sure, your girl may not be a porn star but she most certainly shouldn't resemble a dead person either! If she is being thoroughly pleased, she will be moving around, squirming, moaning and groaning. If she is still lying there.... well, it looks like you have a problem on your hands. Literally.

Maintaining eye contact at least a little bit, will show that she is still connected, very much, to the moment and to you. If she is spaced out, looking into la la land as you do the sideways salsa on top of her, she may be wondering when the whole thing is going to end!

Does she talk during sex, and no, not dirty talk, but actual everyday conversation type of talk? If she blabbers on throughout sex about everything from the list of house chores to family get togethers coming up in the near future, then her mind is everywhere other than where it should be at that moment.

Lastly, there's nothing that will tell you that your girl is bored in bed with you like this will. If she asks you if you're done yet, or if you're going to finish soon, she is DEFINITELY not into it... at all! She is wanting it over as soon as possible and that's never a good sign.

Now that you have gone through the guidelines to determine whether or not your girl is bored in bed, it's time for you to start upping the ante and adding some spice to your sex sessions. Asking her how you can please her better doesn't sound like such a bad idea either.