Bringing her to Orgasm

Many men think that they know how to please a woman, when in fact they don't have a clue. They think that a few thrusts and a little poke about will have her moaning and groaning. Well if you feel like you need to brush up your skills, book one of the Heathrow escorts to come and give you a few tips and show you some tricks.

Ask your Heathrow Airport escort to sit down and spread her legs. Ask her to show you the different parts of the vagina and what does what. You may think you know all this already but you may be surprised about what you learn. Ask her to masturbate, and pay close attention to where and how she touches herself.

Most women find it difficult to climax through penetration alone. It is often stimulation of the clitoris that makes the woman have an orgasm. This is why foreplay is so important. Not only does it build up the sexual chemistry but it also turns her on, lubricating your Heathrow escort ready for when you finally enter her.

So now its your turn. Remember to keep communicating with your Heathrow escort, asking her if she likes what you are doing. Start by teasing her, running your fingers slowly up and sown her inner thighs and vaginal lips. Part her legs, exposing her clitoris, and using a circular motion gently caress it, building up the rhythm as you go. When you think she is ready, insert a finger into her vagina. Hook your finger in and use a beckoning motion to try and find her G spot. As she becomes wet you can enter more fingers, maybe even a whole hand if she feels comfortable. Continue using the same motion so that she is able to build up momentum. You should still be paying attention to the clitoris, increasing the chance of a mind blowing orgasm.

You should be able to see from her body language if you are making an impact or not. If her toes are curling and she is squirming then these are signs that you are doing things right. Her breathing may become heavy and rapid and she should be moaning and groaning with pleasure. Ask your escort to tell you when she is about to climax and watch closely to see exactly what happens.

Now that she has had an orgasm you can enter her and have penetrative sex. Use deep thrusts to try and find that spot again. Try some different positions with your escort and ask her what feels best. Don't just stick to the classic missionary style, experiment by bending her over, having her sit on you and maybe standing up in the shower.

You can really learn a lot from the Heathrow Airport escorts. They can teach you the real way to satisfy a woman. This kind of knowledge is invaluable and will ensure that you are never short of women.