The Bubble Butt of Stanstead

Leta is a West Indian girl who was introduced to me by an artist friend who used her as a muse for one particular reason. She had the most fantastic butt, she was known locally as the 'Bubble Butt of Stanstead'. A lot of black girls have the finest booty, but Leta's really stood out, she was petite which highlighted her rear all the more. They had met initially online and discovered that they only lived a few miles from one another.

We all shared a couple of bottles of wine when events took a surprise turn. Martin walked over to her and then got on his knees at the edge of the sofa. He put one hand on each of her calves and began rubbing them. Running his hands upwards, he caressed her thighs, his hands gliding along her brown skin. He lifted her leg and began licking at her ankle, slowly sliding his tongue all the way up her calf. His tongue worked its way up her thigh, where he gently kissed her inner thigh in between licks. He did the same with her other leg, even kissing the instep of her foot. He licked, kissed and sucked his way up calf and thigh. Ending again at her inner thigh, where his lips and tongue slowly and gently caressed every inch of tingling skin. While his lips worked on one inner thigh, his fingers gently fondled the other.

It wasn't long before Leta had thrust her hips forward, so that her now smouldering cunt was just over the edge of the sofa. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and was rubbing herself under her quickly staining panties. He leaned forward and kissed the growing wet spot on her panties. He continued to kiss all around that spot for some time, teasing her, his fingers sneaking beneath the leg bands of her panties and gently stroking her fuzz. His fingers played in the curls above her pussy while his thumbs stroked very softly along the sides of her slit and he now licked the wet spot. This teasing with his hands inside her panties and his mouth outside was making her crazy to have his tongue inside the panties with his hands. She squirmed and endured the teasing.

Martins' hands slipped under her bottom and gently prodded her to lift it off the sofa. She raised her hips up eagerly; Martin instantly slipped his hands under the waistband of the panties and slowly, slid them down her legs. As he dragged her panties down her creamy smooth bottom over that beautiful booty curve, he allowed his hands the pleasure of caressing it, his fingers squeezing her cheeks gently along the way.

He eventually removed her panties enough to view her softly downed pussy, and he squeezed her cheeks one last time, his lips and tongue already eager to get back to that streaming mound. Leta was in agony, wanting him to remove the panties more quickly, and completely, so she could spread her legs more widely and Martin could get down to the business at hand. By the time he had slipped her wet panties over her ankles and off her feet, Leta was reaching for his head. She grabbed a handful of his hair and he chuckled as she pulled his head into her muff. She sighed as his lips and tongue began their work. As Martin's lips explored every furry inch of her mound, Leta knew this was going to be a wonderful night.

Leta's downy slit was longer than most women's, giving him a lot to kiss, lick and feast. With one hand gently stroking just behind her pussy, and the other working just above her clit, Martin put his tongue ever so slightly between her moist, pink lips, and then licked all the way from just under her clit to the far end of her slit, stopping just a second to push his tongue in a tiny bit further and making the return trip up her increasingly wet crevice. At the top, he again pushed his tongue in a bit further and then retraced the path down between her lips. Each consecutive trip along that heavenly trail he pushed his tongue into her just a bit further, all the while his fingers stroking above and below her quim. Leta was rocking and moaning, her fingers entwining in as much of his hair as they could.

Martin's lips caressed every inch of both of Leta's round cheeks. She could only sit and smile down at him as placed kiss after kiss on her succulent bottom. He kissed from her tailbone all the way down to the end of her crevice, and then back up again. Leta was amazed that he was getting such pleasure from it, though she had to admit that the combination of his soft lips and warm breath felt very good there.

Unconsciously, without thinking he drew his tongue and plunged it into her ring, he was rimming that glorious bubble butt that so many Stanstead men had experienced previously. Leta separated her legs slightly, giving him a better access. Martin buried his face deeper as if trying to climb inside her crack. His finger wound around the front of her cunt and pulling on her clit, she orgasmed so hard which shook that glorious booty so I could see it contracting and rippling.

She turned and smiled at me and said now you've seen it do you want to fuck the bubble butt. I wasted no time in shedding my clothes but that is another story altogether.