Build Your Bedroom Confidence

A lot of men put so much emphasis on penis size and body shape when it comes to evaluating how good one is in bed. In fact, in a group of men, this is one of the basic determiners of "attractiveness". Although the second sentence may be true, it does not always follow that way, it's what makes one attractive too.

The truth is, the best sexual magnet is confidence. This is one stimulus that women, even professional escorts, will surely respond to positively. Just don't overdo it, of course.

It is widely held that although men's worth is usually measured in terms of the money that they make or their power, a lot of men would still agree that their level of sexual attractiveness also plays a big role in how they view their self worth. So let's go to exactly that - self worth.

What are the things that make you feel proud? What are the things that you know you do well, those that give you strength and uniqueness? Think of these things, list them down and expose yourself to them so that you are reminded of your strengths. If you think that the only thing that can give you confidence is a load of alcohol, then you are behaving like an irresponsible child. Think of your achievements and successes, those things are the backbones of confidence. How you are outside the bedroom will reflect greatly on how you will be inside it.

When you determine these strengths, continue to improve on them so that you can better yourself and you'll highlight your successes more. Challenge yourself to bigger goals and try to erase your fears one by one. Fears that too, is one libido killer.

There will be times when you think that you will actually score for the night but as you are dropping your girl off, the story changes. By then, you will feel like you did something wrong, you weren't sexy enough, or, simply, how you view yourself is different from how the girl sees you. When you start realising these fears, the best way to beat them is to confront them. What is it that you are most afraid of in terms of sex? Are you worried that you won't satisfy your partner? That you might come too early? That you might fall in love with the one you lay with? Try to process these fears, get to the root of them and solve them. You may opt to talk about it with a trusted friend or even a professional. You will be surprised how much opening up can help you in tackling these fears and will eventually help you become a more confident manbedroom or no bedroom.