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Sometimes travelling can be very lonely. Especially if you are away from home a lot with work commitments. It is hard being away from family and friends, and there is often little time to socialize. With Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and London City airports all in and around London you may often find yourself at one of the nearby hotels. Diamond Escorts are a well establishes agency that regularly bring their sexy London escorts to hotels close to the airports. Why not treat yourself to some fun before you fly back?

With little time to spare why not call upon a London escort to come and entertain you or help you unwind after a busy day of meetings? They won't mind if you are too tired to party and can provide a sensual relaxed service in the comfort of your hotel room.

There are many London escorts to choose from. You are certain to find exactly what you are looking for. Remember you can speak to the lady before she arrives just clarify how you wish to spend your time together.

There are ladies from all over the world to choose from, so if you are missing home you could always book a London escort that originates from your home country. That way you can have a good old chat and you may find that you have a lot in common.

Most London escorts speak several languages and have lived in a few countries so there will never usually be a problem communicating. However if you are looking for companionship and want to have long conversations it may be wise to double check that she is fluent in your language to avoid any embarrassment.

Don't worry if you haven't had time to visit the beaurau de change. Most London escorts accept Euros and dollars so you don't have to worry about your currency. Check this with reception staff when making the booking but it shouldn't be problem. Be aware though that escorts rarely carry "change" especially not in another currency so if you don't have the correct money you may end up paying more.

If you are looking to spend a good few hours with the London escort, why not ask about overnight costs? You should be able to get a discount if you book eight hours or more, and with the money you save you could treat her to dinner in a nice restaurant. Knowing that you have all night together means you can really relax and take your time. You can have a few drinks before going up to your room in the hotel bar, or why not hit one of the bars or clubs nearby.

Remember to ask your London escort for a card before she leaves. Get her to write her name on it just in case you have had a few drinks and worry that you won't remember! Save the number so that next time you find yourself at one of the airport hotels you can meet with her again.

You can book to see your London escort before you even land in London. Email or call the agency with all of your details and requirements, such as who you would like to see and where you will be staying. You can call the agency on the day you travel just to confirm that there are no flight delays or changes of plan.

Knowing that business can turn to pleasure by calling a London escort should make your future trips to London just a little bit more exciting!