A Case of Mistaken Identity - Disappointing London Escort Experiences

What happened, why didn’t the arrangement click, was it me with my expectations set to high or was it the London escort agency that failed to respond to my request? This is a very common and frustrating scenario which happens all too often when clients are totally dissatisfied with the arrangement requested, leaving the client no alternative but to disregard the agency without a second thought when considering future rendezvous. Why should discerning clientèle have to put up with shoddy, second class thoughtless service, especially when an experienced and understanding administrative back up team should be able to provide and meet with the clients instructions and more importantly, expectations.

These are just a couple of the more common probable reasons as to why a liaison did not click, leaving the client utterly perplexed. It is extremely important when discussing your ideal arrangement that you the client make sure the London escort agency fully understand and can comply with your requests and requirements, after all it is paramount that you receive your ideal companion. Misunderstandings and mix-ups can obviously occur but with assurance these teething problems can very quickly be resolved.

You may find yourself in this situation if you have engaged an unfamiliar or newly advertised young escorts company, where service standards are still being honed. Engaging with the unfamiliar because you have decided that a change is a good as a rest more often than not will deliver unexpected and unwanted results. Wait I hear you say, everybody deserves a chance, but that is not always the case. Research where possible, is the best medium in finding the London escort you require. The Internet is a valuable tool and used to its full potential will deliver the results you crave.

Also consider when discussing your preferences for a special rendezvous, that the London escort company you are liaising with, fully and totally understand and commit to providing your preferred companion. Remember if your preference is for a busty escort and you are sent a petite escort, you should be able to negotiate with the agency an exchange for a small residual fee, usually the cab fare to exchange the girls. Please also remember that it is not the escorts’ fault, so try to be patient and polite, always consider that the escort is there to provide you with happiness and enjoyment.

For the best results check out the London escort agency and its booking policies before you commit and agree to a liaison. Not all escort agencies have these policies in place. A bit of time spent reviewing can often save both time and more importantly money.

We hope this simplistic guide has helped you in selecting a highly reputable London escort agency for your next memorable rendezvous.