Casual Sex Myth Busters

When did casual sex get deemed a dirty phrase? Since this happened, anyone who indulges in hooking up, sleeping around or any other term used for casual sex nowadays is immediately deemed dirty, disrespectful and has a bad reputation. However, in a desperate effort to decrease the negative stigma surrounding this fabulous thing, this article will take you through the most popular opinions and beliefs about casual sex and bust them! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's a casual sex myth buster!

The first myth is one that everyone has heard before: casual sex spreads disease. Well, guess what! So does monogamous sex! Any, and all sex spreads disease and ultimately it isn't about the number of people that you have sex with, it's about the one person that has the disease that isn't practicing safe sex. In conclusion of this ignorant myth, casual sex does not spread disease in any way, shape or form. Instead, unprotected sex from one particular person spreads disease. Cover up, boys!

Some people out there thoroughly believe that casual sex degrades women. Well, if that woman is choosing to indulge in casual sex, who's to care. Whoever started the thought of a woman enjoying sex with multiple people was bad, is probably a virgin. If the tables were turned, would a man be degraded to have multiple partners? Never. To each their own, right? Plus, who wouldn't want to change partners to keep their sex lives spicy?

Now, this is one ignorant and closed minded myth: sex between two committed people feels better. Well, sure. It definitely can - but how many married couples have a great sex life? How many married couples cheat on their spouse because they simply don't have sex with one another? Sex can be amazing between two committed people. Absolutely it can! But it can also be amazing between any two consenting adults.

Lastly, the myth that is going to get busted is.... casual sex is emotionless. How many times have you crawled into bed with someone that you have an absolute, zero emotional connection with? Probably quite rarely. Casual sex can very much so be an extremely emotional experience with all partners.

The people slating off casual sex should seriously start having casual sex because they probably need it! They might be much happier and after all, it's not nearly as bad as some people think! These myths have been busted. Casual sex is neither emotionless, disease spreading nor degrading, in fact if anything, its damn good fun!