Celebrity Blow Up Dolls

Just because you're not famous it doesn't mean that you shouldn't fuck like a rock star! Blow up dolls are a popular toy worldwide and can add a great amount of creative fun to your solo sessions. You can get plastic versions of your favourite actress, porn star and almost everything else in-between. Take a good look at this list to see which popular plastic celebrities you should go out and try. Whether it is for a novelty gift, or to spice up your solo sessions, these blow up dolls are the best of the hottest, sexiest and most famous celebrities.

A must try doll is definitely the Lindsay Blowhan. If Lindsay Lohan is as dirty and daring in the bedroom as she is in real life, then this plastic version will take you on a drunken, wild ride.

Charlie Sheen. OK, you're right. You probably (and should not) ever actually use this blow up doll to get off on unless you're into that kind of thing, but Charlie Sheen is the man! Who wouldn't want to have this sex God in a blow up version?

Miley Cyrus. Isn't she such a sexy goddess since she's grown into young adulthood? Plastic version or not, this ripe hottie is dying to indulge in adultery!

Were you the one that wishes you could hit Britney one more time? Well now's your chance because you can get a blow up doll version of the sexy, sassy lady, well, the hotter version before she turned into a mum and went a bit crazy. A little crazy in bed is good though, right?

You want to bang the arse off of Kim Kardashian, don't you? Who wouldn't? The blow up doll version of Kim has her measurements perfected so you can experience her delicious and divine curves.

If meatballs are your thing, then be sure to try the Snooki from Jersey Shore, blow up doll. After all, she is tiny enough to let you manhandle her, right?

If you say that you have never fantasised about Pamela Anderson, you are most definitely fibbing. What man hasn't dreamed of fucking her big, juicy, fake tits? Hey, real version or not, both are plastic! It's a win-win situation!

Who doesn't love the sweet girl-next-door, Jessica Simpson? The plastic version has her big massive boobs sculpted to perfection and a tight body to resemble the finest curves of this cute blonde.

Lastly, the blow up doll that you definitely need to indulge your fantasies with is the Jessica Alba doll. Words don't need to explain this necessity. She's a complete sex goddess.

Whether you need something to help you get off during your solo sessions or you're just looking for a little extra-something, celebrity blow up dolls are sure to provide it. The comparisons to the actual people are truly impressive!