Certain to blow Your Mind

Bethany is one of the kinkiest slags who has always been known for giving her clients an orgasm... Or orgasms that they would never forget. She is always eager to take them in her mouth, and all other areas, of course, and when she has a new client, she makes sure to give them an experience that will blow many more things than just their mind. Her most recent date is a pure example of why men can't get enough of this sexy little slag.

Bethany had a mysterious man interested in going on a date but his busy schedule made it difficult to find an appropriate time, so the two arranged to have their first date at his giant mansion. The house was extravagant, equipped with a four door garage, fountain in the front yard, big exquisite pillars, statues, and the most picturesque landscaping you could ever imagine. As she walked up to the front door and saw a tall, dark and handsome lad standing through the giant glass doors, she knew that it was up to her to take the sophisticated man into her dirty little world.

After a cocktail and some brief conversation, Bethany was eager to get a taste of this man who was rather shy. She decided to take this to her advantage. She leaned in towards in on the couch and placed her hand on his knee. As she leaned in further, she slid her hand up to his inner thigh and placed her soft, warm lips on his neck. She could feel his breath become shorter as he slightly trembled with each touch.

"Nervous?" She asked.

"A little." The shy man chuckled. His personality certainly didn't match his macho man exterior.

"Relax. It has been a while since you've had a woman, hasn't it?"

The man moaned as she placed her soft lips on his. Bethany slid her hand a little higher until she felt the bulge coming from his pants.

"It sure has." She said as she lightly bit his lip. "Let's change that, shall we?" Bethany trailed her lips down from his lips until she was faced with his crotch bulging from his trousers. She moved her body down to the floor, kneeling in between her client's legs. She looked up as she began to unbutton his trousers. His head fell back in anticipation. Bethany knew he would be an easy one. She slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock as his eyes met hers again.

"You're so sexy." He said as he got a sudden urge of confidence as he trailed his fingers through her hair and she engulfed his cock. He quivered as her hot mouth enveloped his cock some more. He could feel himself instantly come to climax. It had really been that long since he had felt another woman. In fear of cuming too soon, he was paralyzed with fear. Bethany noticed his sudden inert state. It only encouraged her to suck longer and harder. She loved a man who was at her mercy.

Bethany bathed his cock, sucking and licking it like it was a delicious lollipop. She slurped her spit all over his shaft before she plunged down on his cock, throwing him back into her throat. She clamped her hand around the bottom of his shaft and began to pump his dick as she bobbed on him harder. He tasted so good and his nervousness only made him sexier.

"You want to cum, don't you?" Bethany teased in between slurps. "C'mon, you little sissy." He was in complete heaven.

Bethany continued to lick up and down his shaft as she took him deep inside of her throat again. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth and it made her suck and slurp on his dick even harder. She moaned from the pre-cum seeping into her mouth, eager for the entire load to choke her.

"I'm going to make you cum whether you like it or not," She said as she wrapped her warm hand over his balls as the other one and her mouth continued to pump his shaft. His dick was far in her throat as she stuck out her tongue and slurped his balls into her mouth. The tip of her tongue tickled his asshole as he began to tremble with hesitation. His asshole was nice and wet as Bethany released his balls from her mouth and trailed her fingertip along his anus. Just as she applied pressure on his asshole, her clients body tightened, his ass clamped tightly on her finger and his dick stood straight as he shot a huge load inside of her mouth.

His mind was definitely blown... Just as she had intended.