City Boys like it Rough

We are a group of chaps who work for a city investment bank, we have the trappings of a wealthy life and all but one of us are happily married to the classic spoilt stay at home wife. Nice ladies who run committee coffee morning, meet for ladies lunches and always immaculate etc. Everything in our lives is neat and manicured from our tidy ladies to the pristine golf clubs and nice neighbours.

However that isnt enough to satisfy pure lust, a want and desire for hard core sex and not the vanilla kind we have at home. We want rough girls with rough accents and dont give a shit attitude. We have longed ditched the use of a high class agency, we dont want dinner at the Dorchester then luxury sex; we can do that with women we cherish on a regular basis. Also a few wives have worked out what we are up to but we can buy out that confrontation or threat of divorce with a package for Chewton Glen.

So leaving the office we grab a cab and head for Stoke Newington to a high rise flat we are all familiar with. We are greeted by Holly a thin slip of a girl, looking much younger than her 22 years. She is dressed in tight skinny stonewashed jeans and a faux fur cropped bomber jacket. After counting us in, tonight there are four of us; she pushes us in to the living area. Ere we are gells, tonights pickings she yelled. Woo woo a black girl in the corner shouted, another woman much older than the others at approx. 45 years put down her lager can and yelled alwight then get yer clobber off and see wot yer got. We are as much specie to them as they to us, two social barriers coming down in the name of fucking.

Alright ladies who wants to be fucked in the arse, all hands shot up. Who wants to be spit roasted all hands up. We all looked at each other and grinned, clothes were ripped apart and a variety of pussies where on display. I was particularly drawn to Annette from Walthamstow and indeed had fucked her every way possible previously as had we all. She was completely shaved with several piercings and tattoos in fact she did it for a living. Olu the black girl approached me first and started to suck my already growing shaft, Im just warming you up for Nettie she said cos I want to be fucked in the ass by Richard over there anyway. Her big rubbery lips made my member swell and throb and her tongue explored every vein possible before swirling that head around. God I nearly came then but that would never do. I pushed her aside and told Annette to spread her cunt wide and even if she wasnt ready I was going to drive my manhood home. She was still dry and squealed as I stretched her with one big thrust. She wrapped her skinny legs around my waist, plunging her tongue in my mouth biting my lip, you fucker she laughed you fucking nearly split me.

These girls really didnt give a shit they enjoyed things that would have our wives in therapy. They smelt of McDonalds rather than Chanel and it was huge fucking turn on. I could hear whispers and laughter but was lost and could only think of spilling my seed deep in Annette. She was groaning and swearing like a trouper begging for Olu to sit on her face which she did. I was presented by Olus big black booty bouncing up and down on her friends face. The noise of saliva mixed with girl cum was enough to send me over the edge and I shot ribbons of cum deep in Annette as she and Olu both came. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock while she drank the cum of Olu.

I looked over and saw Holly being spit roasted by Andy and Mark whilst Olu was hoisted in the air and ass fucked by Richard. The whole of this tiny flat smelt of sex, lager and now pizza was delivered. We ate, drank and fucked all over again. On the way out we tossed £100s in twenty pound notes in the air and watched the girls catch them scrapping each other to get the biggest share.