The Colleague

A business meeting had recently been arranged for Lexi and a colleague out of town, and unlike most business trips, this one turned out to be a little more risqué than one would anticipate a work trip to be. An adventure was exactly what it was.

After a full day of travelling, both girls were eager to finally settle down in their separate hotel rooms before their big meeting the following day. Unfortunately, there seemed to have been a mix up with the hotel booking, and after an hour of trying to find another available hotel room for her co-worker, the receptionist's was unable to find a spare room as the hotel was fully booked. Exhausted and ready to relax, Lexi and her colleague finally came to the conclusion that finding another available hotel room nearby before it got too late, was near impossible and decided to just share the room together and get some rest.

As the two girls headed off to their bedroom, they both giggled as Lexi said, "It's an adult pyjama party!"

Once the girls finally arrived in their extremely tiny hotel room, they began to unpack what little luggage they had for the two-day, one night business trip, Lexi realised that she had not packed any pyjamas. After all, she had planned to have a hotel room all to herself and always slept nude. Her colleague must have noticed Lexi's mind wandering as she asked, "Usually sleep nude?"

Shyly, Lexi confirmed her colleague's suspicions. As she opened her mouth to try to explain, her colleague quickly interrupted, and said "Me too".

Even more exhausted now than before, the girls quickly agreed that they were now out of options and decided to just call it a night and share the bed. After all, they were both women and neither one had anything that the other wouldn't have seen before.

The bed was awkwardly small and Lexi could feel her colleague's naked curves up against her body as they both tossed and turned restlessly. Neither seemed to be able to get comfortable, and they ended up lying face to face in the bed, with their naked bodies intertwined amongst each other. In pure silence, and in the semi-darkness, they both lay there and stared.

Lexi was surprised to feel her heartbeat grow intensively fast as her eyes gazed over her colleague's tight, naked body. You could feel the sexual tension in the air as their eyes met. Lexi bravely slid her hand over and lightly rested it on her colleague's naked hip.

I've never done anything like this before, she said, as she bit her lower lip and looked up to see her colleague's reaction.

"Me neither," the woman replied.

At that moment, Lexi placed her luscious soft lips onto her colleague's soft neck and began to suck, lick and nibble as she trailed her fingers along her colleague's body, until she could feel the warmth of the other woman's pussy. Lexi slid her fingers along her colleague's pussy lips, separating them and pinching her clit in between her two fingers. Lexi could feel her colleague getting wetter as she let out a long, soft moan of pleasure. Just as Lexi tickled the woman's clit and slid her fingers into her warm, twitching pussy, she heard her co-worker let out a gasp of pure ecstasy.

Trailing her tongue from her colleague's neck down to her pussy, Lexi licked everything in-between, from her perky nipples to her sweet, salty skin. She hovered over her colleague's clit and felt as her colleague ground down on her fingers, begging for more. Lexi could smell and feel her soaking wet pussy, and she herself was extremely wet and excited at what they were doing. Just as her colleague was about to reach climax from fucking Lexi's fingers, Lexi leaned in and gave her a long, wet hard lick right across her hugely swollen clit, and kept licking hard as she felt the woman's pussy throbbing. The woman cried out with excitement and pleasure as she dripped warm, juice all over Lexi's fingers and hands. She curled her toes with each throb of her pussy, enjoying the lovely feeling, and then finally let out a pure white stream of delicious cum.

Just as she finished, the two colleagues locked eyes and smiled and Lexi licked her lips and then said, "My turn?"