Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

People make mistakes and sometimes we are easily aware of them whilst other times we need just a little shove in the right direction so that we can correct them. When it comes to relationships we all have our different theories as to what we want from them as well as different feelings once we have been exposed to them.

Relationships mean different things to different people especially Hornchurch escorts. Despite these differences, we do make a lot of the same mistakes. Below is a list of things that are usually found in relationships that are known to be unhealthy.


Don't be afraid to tell the truth. Lying only makes things a lot worse. Once you tell a lie, you'll have to tell more lies to cover up the first one. That is just too much to remember so the best thing to do is just to be honest. Once your partner finds out that you are lying, the trust that you fought so hard to achieve in your relationship will have flown out the window maybe never to return. Don't be to quick to judge your partner thinking the worst of them, tell the truth and you may be delightfully surprised. Even if you slept with a Hornchurch escort - tell the truth.


Cheating is a big no no in relationships. This is the kiss of death in all relationships. Women can forgive you for anything, but when it comes to cheating that's where they draw the line. This type of betrayal is unforgiving and brings great heartache to your partner. If you are unhappy in your relationship then do some assessments and figure out why you are unhappy. It is better to end a relationship on mutual ground, than have your girl finding out that you cheated on her. Once again, be honest in your relationship instead of sleeping around.

Think before you talk

When you are getting into a new relationship, it is only fair to the other person that you give them a few details about yourself. This does not mean that you tell them about all the bad relationships you had and how badly they treated you, because this may turn off the other person completely, but share things that you like about yourself, things that will help build your new relationship. There are some things that you can keep private. The key is to learn from them and move on.

Control your own happiness

No one can make you happy. You are in control of your own emotions. Don't put the burden of keeping you happy on your partner's shoulders. Keep active and continue enjoying life. Don't give up the things you love since these are the things can contribute to your future happiness.