A Couple of Long Legged Escorts for Dinner


I sat in the restaurant and sipped my wine looking around the room. It was crowded tonight. There was a large group of persons sitting close to by apparently celebrating a birthday. My eyes keep darting to the door every few minutes to see if my “guests” has arrived yet. I knew I was early but I didn’t want to leave home late and risk getting caught in traffic. I adjusted my tie and gulped down the rest of my scotch, almost too quickly.

Then there they were, escort goddesses. They looked exactly like their picture on the website. Tall, long gracious legs, slim at the waist and some meat at the top. I stood as they approached the table. We exchanged greetings and we sat down. I chose to sit at a booth since it was more intimate than sitting around a table with chairs. Much to my delight the escorts sat, one on either side of me. I swear I saw a few jealous starts from other guys in the restaurant which was a great boost for my ego.

During our meal they stroked my cock and ran their fingers along my thigh. I looked around nervously to see if anyone was looking but no one seemed to notice. So I took a deep breath and relaxed as these two beauties continued to tease their way through dinner. I paid the bill and adjusted my now erect cock before standing. The ladies led the way out and I followed close behind as not to raise any eyebrows from fellow patrons.

Once outside I breathed a sigh of relief and each girl took position under my arm as we waited for the valet to bring my car around. The girls opted to sit in the back seat while I jumped behind the wheel and I head to the hotel where I rent a room for the night.

I have to concentrate on the road but the moans coming from the backseat have raised my senses and my cock as well. I peak at them in the rear view mirror and see them kisses in playing with each other’s breasts which by the way are completely exposed. I knew I had to make a decision and fast. I make a detour and I head to the look out where many people would go to make out or have sex. I pull into the little enclosure and there was one car parked on the far end so I decided to take the other end.

I had hardly put the car in park and I felt hands all over my body. Luckily for me I drive an SUV so there was more than enough room for the three of u to fit comfortably in the back seat. I sit on the seat while the girls kneel on the car floor and remove my cock from its cage. I lean my head against the seat as they take turns sucking and slurping my cock, sometimes they tag team or sometimes they worked together.

I stretch my hand down and fondle their breast enjoying the softness of it. I rub my thumb against her nipples and smile as they become hard under my touch. I pull one of the girls hand and put her to kneel next to me on the seat so that I can have access to her breasts. I cover one of her breasts with my mouth and suck hard while my hand caresses her ass.

When my cock was ready for the taking the other girl wasted no time in jumping on my cock. She moved slowly over my cock making sure that my cock caressed the wall of every inch of her cunt. I held on to her waist to her waist with one hand while the girl glided my finger into her wet cunt. I didn’t want to get semen all over my seat so I asked the girls if I could break in their mouths instead. They willingly agreed.

Once again they were on their knees sucking my cock until I exploded into one of their mouths. I watched as she shared my semen with the other and they swallowed and licked their lips in satisfaction. After the girls had sucked the life back into my cock I fucked the other girl this time. I lay her flat on her back and I lifted her legs towards her head bending her knees a little. I pushed my cock into her and her cunt closed in around my cock tightly. I pressed behind her knees to keep her legs in position which arched her ass upwards a bit.

I pounded her over and over again while the other girl played with my balls. I pulled out of her when I was close to climax and emptied myself on her stomach. I sat drained the last of my cum on her and sat back wiping the sweat from my face. I watched as she twirled my thick cream with her finger, then she brought her finger to mouth. They both devoured my cum and I sit back as they enjoyed each other. They fingered and sucked each other cunts, moaning and purring lustily setting me into another fuck zone so I fucked them both again.

I checked my watch and realized that our time was almost up. We would never make it to the hotel so I asked them if they wanted to go dancing since there was a night club not too far from where we were. We fixed our clothing and he head off to enjoy the rest of our time together. Needless to say, I fucked them on the dance floor, thankful for the dark corners, and I fucked them in the toilet. I tipped them handsomely before watching them leave with their company’s limo.

I must admit that it was the best sex I ever had. Not so much that it was two girls instead of one but they were willing to take risks of where we had sex even though there was a chance of getting caught. The next night I made sure that I booked them as a special birthday present for myself the following month. This night would always be one for the books.


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