Cruise ships are really fun possible places

If I think back to my past, I remember that the most important thing I wanted to be when I grew up was the captain of a cruise ship. A modern yacht is my dream now, but until reaching this point in my life I had to go through some really difficult years, studying hard was one of them. It takes 12 years to complete a good maritime school, and only after that you can start dreaming of becoming a captain. You have to go first through lower placed positions and work your way up but even so, if you are truly committed then the sense of fulfillment is pretty strong. That´s at least how it was with me, probably because of my childhood dream that had finally became a reality.

The typical day of a boat captain starts very early in the morning, depending sometimes at what time the ship has to leave the harbour. Long journeys that can take weeks can be a long amount of time for me to spend without the company of a really beautiful woman. The only period when you can leave ship and see some beautiful places and countries is when it docks. Then you can have a little time for relaxation and just let your mind wander about the beautiful girls you have been with. All this waiting, for probably for a single night of fun and pleasure, depending where you dock and if you have to fulfill your captain’s prerogatives first or not. I don´t want to complain however too much because the other positive of this job is the pay. The wages are really good trust me.

In time, I came to trust in some of the escort agencies of each country I was docking into. I had an agency that I already knew and they would send exactly the girl that I was looking for as soon as the ship docked. This can be a real time saver, especially for me who might not have had too much free time to spare before the time of the next departure.

That is one of the main reasons why I love escort agencies, especially London escorts. They offer a prompt and efficient service and always give what the client is asking for. Stunningly beautiful, they are really interesting and fun to talk with. The eagerness and excitement of someone new waiting for you every time you come into a city, new or already visited, was an exciting and positive thing that played in my head the closer I got to that specific city.