Cute Things to Do For Your Girl

Keeping a girlfriend can sometimes be harder than getting one. Women expect so much from a man, and usually men think that these are materialistic things, but they are not. Women just want to be loved, taken care of and made to feel secure, so you can give them everything money can buy but if you don't give them the love and emotion that they crave, then you may well find yourself in the dog house!

Does it always seem like you're sleeping on the couch? Try to do these cute things with your girl, and see if it makes a difference. Don't forget, if your girl's happy then she'll make you happy in bed and out. Hey! As long as the guys don't find out that you do these things, your reputation will still remain intact.

Talk to her. Girls like to feel like you two are best friends, as well as lovers.

Have a picture of you two framed in your bedroom or somewhere in your home. She will definitely like knowing that you think of her even when she's not around.

Answer your phone when she's calling you, even if you're out with the guys or busy. She will appreciate the fact that you even answered, and don't be shy to use terms of endearment, of course within reason.

Leave her messages to wake up to. Maybe it's a note on the pillow beside her, or a text message or voicemail. Starting her day off with a cute "good morning" message from you will gain you untold brownie points.

Pick her up! Women love a man that can pick them up and carry them. Flip her over your shoulder as you walk to your bedroom, or while you're kissing, pick her up so she can wrap her legs around your waist. However, if you're going to do this, then make sure that you can, any struggling and she's going to think she's fat!

Kiss her in the rain, kiss her in public, and kiss her in front of other girls. Just kiss her when you want to regardless of who's around, especially if other girls are around. This is going to reassure her that she's all yours and no one else's and that you're proud of that.

Lastly, if there's only one cute thing that you should do, let it be complimenting her. Tell her she has beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile or beautiful hair. Girls crave their men's attention and approval, so let her know she looks good at all times, especially first thing in the morning.

For extra brownie points, feel free to combine all the above!