Date Night!

Is it date night and you have no funds? Would your girl be totally livid if you bailed out and you are even more terrified to show up with no plans? Hey! It happens. However, luckily you have this list of fun and inexpensive dates to choose from that will leave your girl happy and satisfied. Whatever gets you brownie points, right?

If you're in a long term relationship, a fun and adventurous date can be going to take a viewing at a house that you would (someday) love to own. Make sure you know who you're with because you don't want to look like a total creep or worse create a stalker!

Search engines can be an amazing thing. Type in a search around your town for some new and fun things to do. You'll be surprised to see what else is out there only 30 minutes down the road. Maybe it's a unique museum, or a scenic park, either way, it's something that you wouldn't have done if you didn't search for it, right?

Volunteer together. Sure, it can sound kind of lame but you will both leave feeling very satisfied. Plus, a hard day of working for free deserves some raunchy sex don't you think? You can give one another a lot more than just a pat on the back!

Take a class together and learn something new. A lot of classes are also free! Learn how to cook, craft or dance, the list is endless and you may even find a new hobby!

Speaking of hobbies, make it a point to try one another's hobbies at least once. You don't have to knit a sweater, or create a flower bouquet on a frequent basis, you just have to try a little bit, only once. And don't fake the effort! That doesn't count.

Go out and have a night out on the town! You don't have to drink, which cuts down your expenses drastically, just go out with your partner, and/or a group of friends and dance, grind and get dirty! Okay, don't get too dirty as you might get kicked out for that! But just cut loose and have some fun together!

Every so often, a couple forget what it's like to just have fun together, and truly enjoy one another. Try these dates to not only save money, but learn about one another and remember why it is that you are together. Hey! It can't hurt, right?