5 First Date Conversation Starters


First dates can be excruciatingly awkward, especially if you have nothing to talk about. Considering it's a first date, chances are that you do not know one another, so what in the world do you talk about? You don't want to just talk about yourself, and eventually she will get sick of talking about herself (we hope so), so what do you converse about for the rest of the date? Here at 5 conversation starters that will help you avoid that awkward silence we all dread.

If you notice that there is a giant pink elephant in the room yelling, "Awkward!" chances are, your date notices it as well. There is nothing better than adding some humour to the situation. You can always start a conversation by talking about how awkward silences are on a first date. I'm not suggesting saying, "well.... this is awkward", but rather, "Oh awkward silences. They're inevitable sometimes, huh?" And there you have it. A conversation is started!

Another great way to spark up a conversation on a first date is to talk about your day and elaborate on the occurrences. "My day is good" is going to be a quick sentence and not start a conversation at all. Instead, tell your date why your day was good and the type of things that happened - and ask her about hers!

Dates are all about getting to know one another and although talking about anything is better than silence, some conversations can be so cliché, rehearsed and those aren't very fun either. Instead of listing things you like to do, again, elaborate. Why do you like to read, or when did you start hiking or coaching football?

Epping escorts love dating, and your have no problem asking them what they like to do and what their favourites are; all time and recently. Whether it is songs, music, movies or books - this will also give you a chance to plan a future date - or let her know that you're interesting in seeing her again. "Oh, you like Gerard Buttler? Maybe we'll have to catch one of his flicks together sometime!" Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Lastly, if all else fails and the conversations are dieing out, feel free to comment on her outfit or jewellery that she is wearing. You should have already told her how amazing she looks, but you can get a little more detailed at the end of the date without being a complete creep. This will also allow you to look over her body once again - but don't get caught staring too much. Ask about her necklace, or if she looks like she is all about shopping and fashions, ask her about her inspirations.

Conversation starters are going to pop up throughout the whole dead, so breathe, relax and enjoy yourself! Remember to elaborate and ask questions. It is also very important to know when to let the conversation die out. If your date has already told you everything about her dog from his birthday to his grooming routine - it may be time to move onto a different topic.

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