Absence Doesn't Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder


There are days when we have to call off a commitment to tend to more pressing matters, And then there are those days when we just don't feel like going out but we have to so we make a lame excuse not to go, but the worst part of not showing up isn’t the fact that you’re not there, it’s the thought that you’ve been doing it for over a year now. So if you’re friends are not showing up to your party next month, don’t blame them, blame yourself.

And that’s not it, we get it that you had a rough week at work, a fight with your girlfriend or an argument with your dad, but those aren’t enough reasons to excuse you from blowing out every single guys night out arranged by your friends. For all you know, they’re thinking that you’re being too full of yourself and the only thing that matters to you is you. That’s why we’ve decided to let you in on the importance of showing up, be it a beer night, an engagement party of your best bud, or just some random weekend away at the beach, these are all important events in your life and you shouldn’t dare miss them. Here’s why:

As you may already know, relationships, including friendships, build up over time. You spend almost half of your life being with your best buddy, while you spend a month or two trying to win a girl over. When your best excuse is that you have to be at your girlfriend’s party, then that’s lame. No man ditches his boy for a girl, regardless, unless of course, you’re married then you can’t do anything about it. Building connections and strengthening those over time is vital to a lasting friendship. All those good times, good memories and even the unfortunate ones, all lead up to a stronger bond between friends. So the next time you try to ditch a buddy, think about this, when you’re about to get married to the girl you ditched him for, don’t expect him to say yes when you ask him to be your best man.

And this maybe a cliché when we say it, but make your friends your priority. That doesn't mean you have to be present at every single occasion, but at least make yourself visible to them so they won’t think you’ve gone off to a different planet. While some bailing is necessary, but skipping out on a drink after work isn’t exactly the best way to show your friends that you appreciate them.

Ultimately, what you make of yourself is something that your friends will be always supportive of. More than anyone else, when push comes to shove, they will come through for you regardless. So the next time you decide to go out and spend the night with a London escort, think of this, absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder, especially when you’re ditching them for all the wrong reasons.