Avoid That Awkward Silence - First Dates


Awkward silence is brutal. Brutal for you, brutal for her, and brutal for anyone around you having to endure this awkward moment that you are currently in. In order to avoid an uncomfortable date with a sexy woman, you must keep the conversation flowing. Not only is this going to make you be more appealing to her, as well as allow your best qualities to stand out, it will make the date much more enjoyable for both of you.

Humour is always a safe route to take when on a date. When you are out on a date, especially the first, you don't know each other - so what is there to talk about, right? You most definitely don't want to come off as that conceited guy talking and boasting about your fabulous self, and heck - we sure as hell don't want to hear that from her either. This is exactly why humour has been, and always will be a safe route to take when it comes to conversation on a date.

No one enjoys a stern, straight-faced companion, not like our Watford escorts so not only will a humorous conversation let her know that you are funny and adventurous, but it will also let you know if this is the woman for you and that you'd like to see again. As safe as a humorous conversation can be, it is only safe if you play this card right. There are definitely some things that are only funny when you're at the club with your best buddies. Telling a blonde joke while you're out with a sexy blonde is definitely not going to give you any brownie points for you to cash in later and if she does laugh, then you have an awesome chick, but there is no reason to test the waters, right? Avoid vulgarity, racist and anything too dirty. Just play it safe! If you wouldn't say it to your religious grandmother - don't tell it to your date!

Jokes can come off as rather annoying, so try simply implementing humour into the conversation that you are already having. As opposed to making knock-knock jokes, or jokes at someone's expense, tell a story about something funny that happened to you earlier in the day at work - or something funny that your toddler nephew said to you at a family get together. Not only will she enjoy your easy-going personality, but she'll also find out that you work, and are close to your family - which will lead into other conversations and there you have it. A continuous conversation with no awkward silences.
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