How to Flirt Effortlessly


Women love to be complimented, be the centre of attention and of course they love flirting, especially Highgate escorts Flirting can be disastrous especially when its not done correctly. To become an expert in flirtery there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

Having a solid confident approach will let her know whether or not you are worth responding to. Women love confident men, so if you approach her lacking confidence she will just shrug you off and go back to doing whatever she was doing before you interrupted her, of course not without probably scowling at you first for totally wasting her time.

Think about the type of girl you want to flirt with. Is she someone you have been looking at for some time or is she a random girl that you just saw and you would like to get to know her better? Whoever she turns out to be, setting the tone for the conversational flirt will go a long way. If you come off to weak shell probably just laugh at you and if you come off too offensive she may just give you the slap that you deserve.

When considering flirting with someone, you should always keep in mind the end result that you would like to accomplish. Is it that you want a long-term relationship or a one-night stand with the Highgate escort? Whatever the reason keep your end result clear in your mind.

If you have successfully completed the first phase of flirting and she was generous enough to give you her number you could also try text flirting. This may be a bit easier since you don't have to look directly at her. Don't ask for pictures of her naked on the same night that you received her number because this could be a big turn off for her. Tease her a bit. You don't have to use her number that same night, give it a day or two so you can build up her anxiety and when she does hear from you shell be more responsive.

When you are text flirting being to flirtatious may backfire as that is what she will be expecting the next time she sees you. If you are unable to keep up the charade that you put into texting then slow it down a bit, there is no need to rush.

You can choose to follow these tips and have success when flirting with the ladies or you can choose to continue doing your own thing and spend Friday nights alone. The choice is yours!!!