Jokes To Avoid on a Date


Humour has always been a safe way to approach a first date, and no - I don't mean laughing at the fact that you are going on a date - or expecting your date to stand you up, or even worse - be horrendously unattractive with a hyena laugh. What I mean is, humour will keep fun conversation flowing and will allow you to appear more exciting and enjoyable.

Now, there are some humorous things that you need to avoid like the plague. Bathroom humour that you share with the guys in the locker room, or knock-knock jokes that were funny in grade 2 may not be beneficial for you to use on a date. These are obvious, right? There are also some jokes that aren't so obvious but that should definitely be absolutely avoided and not said when you're out with that hot babe you're craving. After all, you don't want to ruin your chances!

Generally, it is all about common sense. If you're out with a long, legged blonde Hertford escort - making a joke about a dumb blonde giraffe probably isn't going to make your date laugh, nor would a joke about female drivers, racist slurs or "a woman's place". If it is offensive, just don't say it. Resort to that saying your mother used to tell you in grade school, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!" Keep telling yourself that throughout the date if you tend to have obnoxious humour - as most of us do. A woman doesn't need to, nor does she want to be embarrassed, have a man put her down or be embraced with an awkward date with your awkward humour.

Men tend to have a different opinion as to what is funny then woman do. Most jokes are dreadfully not funny, which is why we tend to laugh or they're just utterly disrespectful which shouldn't make us laugh, but does. Avoiding jokes as a whole may be the ultimate safe route, but you still want to be able to make her laugh. Instead of jokes, tell your date something funny that happened to you the other day. This is the safest way to enjoy your date and provide a fun, enjoyable evening.