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You really like her but you are not sure about how she feels about you. You treat her like a queen buying her expensive presents and taking her to the most luxurious restaurants in town. You try to impress her by the things you can buy for her but is that what a relationship is about material things?

If she decides to stay with you, would you be able to maintain this outlandish lifestyle on your average salary? I am assuming that the answer is no. If the answer is no why are you giving her a false perception of whom you really are? Are you a London escort? When she finds out who you really are do you think she would appreciate being lied to?

When dating you need to live within your means or you will eventually end up dateless with nothing to show for it but huge debts. You don’t need to impress a woman with material things especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Be comfortable with what you have and who you are, In other words be comfortable in your own skin like the London escorts. If the woman has a problem with your life style then that’s her problem let her deal with it because the door is always open an for her to go through.

No person should have to go to extreme measures in order to impress anybody, especially men. Let her see you for who you really are. You could take her to the movies which can be very sexy with her leaning her head on your shoulder for entire movie or take her for a bike ride in the park.

The most important thing you can do to impress a woman is remember the little things that she says, remember days that are special to her and shower her with compliments. As far as she is concerned, if she needs something she can go and buy it for herself. She wants to be in a relationship for companionship or she would not be there at all.

Starting a relationship based on lies is not a good foundation to start with, because you will have to continue living the lie in order for the relationship to work. You have worked way too hard and have taken too much pressure from your boss to just blow your life savings on a woman no matter how bright her eyes are or how long her legs are.

Always be true to yourself and other people will be true to you.